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In Their Own Words

 Whenever possible, My Woonsocket will post sound bites so you, the taxpayer, can hear it....
In Their Own Words.

Attention:  Any use of sound must credit
 April 21, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                       Absent: Chris Beauchamp, Bob Moreau
 1. Public Hearing-2014-15 Annual Action Plan & Application
a. Roland Michaud, Joel Mathews
b. David Janik
c. Roland Michaud
2. City Council Meeting-Public Good & Welfare
a. Douglas Brown
b. David Janik
c. Roland Michaud, Marcello
d. Geraldine Barcley-King, Mayor
e. Charles Lemoine, David Janik
f. Jim Cournoyer, Mayor, Marcello
g. Roland Michaud, Mayor
3. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda
4. Board of Licenses
5. Jennifer LePiors, Miss Woonsocket Outstanding Teen
6. Council Good & Welfare
a. Brien, Mayor
b. Gendron 
c. Jalette, Marcello
d. Mancieri
e. Murray
 7. Teleport Communications America
8. Allen Rivers to Zoning Board-Gendron, Mancieri, Brien, Marcello
9. Cancellation of Certain Taxes-Gendron, Brien
10. Appointments-Gendron
11. Use of City Property- Murray, King
12. Suzanne Vadnais to Board of Canvassers
13. 2014-15 Annual Action Plan-Mancieri, Brien, Mayor, Gendron, Mathews
14. Correcting Chapter XVI of Woonsocket Charter, WED -Marcello, Jalette
- End -
April 18, 2014
WNRI Upfront
Rep. Stephen Casey 
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
April 14, 2014
Woonsocket Budget Commission Meeting

                                                 All Present 
1. Public Comment 
a. Joseph Renzi
b. Brenda
c. Rick Mcauliffe
d. Richard Fagnant
2. Food Services RFP-Approval of Minutes
3. Cash Flow Summary-Bruce
4. Purchases & Payments-Bruce
5. Emergency Repair CH2MHill-Bruce, Coleman, Dahl, Dutremble, Mayor
6. City Retiree Payout-Bruce, Dias
7. Dispatch Purchasing List
a. Bruce, Dias, Dutremble, Lane
b. Chief Shatraw, Dias, Mayor
c. Bruce, Chief, Dias, Dutremble
8. Assessment Bid Award-Bruce, Lane
9. School Requests for Various Positions-Spagna, Dutremble
10. WHS Principal-Dutremble
11. Various School RFP Requests
a. Dutremble, Dias, Spagna, Mayor 
b. Dutremble, Spagna, Dias
12. Appointment to Redevelopment Agency-Mayor
13. WED Legal Resignation-Donoyan
14. Full Day K Update
a. Donoyan
b. Dutremble, Donoyan
c. Dias, Lane, Donoyan
d. Mayor
15. Finalized School CBA's Discussion-Dutremble, Donoyan
16. Ordinances - Resolutions
17. Approval of City Council & School Board Minutes
- End -
April 9, 2014
Woonsocket School Board Meeting

                                               All Present 
1a. Reconvene to Open Session 
b. Local 1137 Contracts 
c. Extension of Superintendent's Contract
2. Public Good and Welfare
a. Bernon Heights School
b. WMS Theater Group
3. Recognitions & Announcements-Donoyan
4. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda-Lacouture,
Spagna, Donoyan
5. WHS Building Bridges Presentation
6. Approval of 2014-15 School Calendar
7. Update WMS Hot Water Tanks-Peter Fontaine, Seale, Chattman
8. Update on Textbooks
a. Dr. Patrick McGee
b. Pawlina, McGee, Chattman
c. Seale, McGee
d. Lacouture
9. Update HR Director Salary-Lacouture, Spagna, Donoyan
10. Food Service Contract RFP-Seale, Spagna, Lacouture
11. Update on FY14 Budget Deficit-Surplus - Seale, Lacouture, Spagna
12. Superentendent's Report-Donoyan
13. School Board Good & Welfare
a1. Seale
a2. Seale, Donoyan
a3. Seale, Donoyan, Spagna
b. Lacouture, Seale, Spagna, Donoyan
c. Chattman
d. Pawlina
- End -
 April 7, 2014
Woonsocket Budget Commission Meeting

                                               All Present
 1. Public Good & Welfare-Booth-Galoogly, Schaefer, Dutremble
2. Dispatch Consolidation 
a. Joel Mathews 
b. Dias, Coleman, Mathews
c. Schaefer, Mathews, Dias
d. Dutremble, Mathews, Chief Shatraw, Coleman
e. Mayor
3. Retirement Request-Chief Carey
 - End -
April 7, 2014
City Council Meeting

                                                       All Present 
1. Public Good & Welfare 
a. Roland Michaud 
b. Jim Cournoyer
c. Tonya Curt-Hoard
d. Phil Lebrecque
e. Norm Messier, Marcello
f. Joel Mathews
g. David Gaulin
h. Pauline Riel
2. Aproval of Minutes - Consent Agenda
3. Board of License Commissioners-Jalette, Mancieri, Marcello
4. Water Treatment Plant Matters
a. Jim Cournoyer
b. Cournoyer, Mayor
c. Cournoyer, Mayor
5. Council Good & Welfare
a. Murray
b. Beauchamp
c. Brien
d. Jalette
e. Moreau
6. Lease of Water Tower Space
7. Transfer of Funds - Overtime Cap
8. Support of Bills H7512 and S2091-Jalette
9. Tax Assessment Dispute-Mancieri
10. Cancellation of Taxes-Murray
11. Overturn School Board FDK Decision
a. Gendron, Moreau, Mayor
b. Mayor
c. Gendron, Mayor
d. Beauchamp, Gendron, Murray
e. Jalette, Mayor
f. Brien
12. Support of Bills H7207 and S2191-Jalette
13. Appointing Sub-Committee Chair-Gendron, Moreau, Marcello, Brien
14. Accepting 79 Cato St.-Beauchamp, Marcello
- End -
 March 28, 2014
WNRI Upfront
Senator Roger Picard
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
March 24, 2014
Budget Commission Meeting

                                                 Absent: Al Brien 
 1. Public Comment
a. Charles Lemoine, Mayor
b. Roland Michaud, Dutremble, Mayor, Donoyan
c. Dan Gendron, Dutremble, Mayor
d. Jeff Partington, Dias, Dutremble
e. Roland Michaud
f. Pauline Demers, Mayor, Dutremble
2. Approval of Minutes-Dutremble
3. Cash Flow
a. Bruce, Dutremble, Dias, Schaefer
b. Payables-Bruce, Coleman
c. Bruce, Schaefer, Dias
4. DMF Property Tax Presentation
a. James Savage
b. Schaefer, Savage, Dias 
5. Request for Bid Assessment-Bruce, Dias
6. City Vacancies-Coleman
7. BCI Clerk-Coleman
8. Vacant Police Officer Positions-Chief Carey
9. Purchase Tablets & Servers-Chief Carey, Dutremble, Dias, Mike O'Connell, Bruce, Schaefer
10. Raw Water Piloting
a. Dias, Mayor, Dutremble
b. Schaefer, Mayor, Dias, Dutremble
c. Dutremble, Mayor
d. Schaefer, Mayor, Gendron, Dutremble
11. Bid for Annual Material & Services-Coleman
12. Request To Fill School Vacancies
a. Coleman, Schaefer, Dutremble
b. Coleman, Donoyan, Mayor, Dias, Dutremble
c. Mayor, Dutremble, Spagna, Dias
d. Coleman, Spagna, Dutremble, Dias 
13. Retiree Payout 
14. Lease for School Copiers-Dutremble, Spagna
15. RFP for School Food Service
a. Dias, Dutremble, Spagna, Schaefer
b. Mayor, Dias, Dutremble, Spagna
c. Voting-Dutremble, Mayor, Schaefer, Kearns, Dias
16. ERATE Bid-Dutremble, Spagna, Dias
17. City Council Minutes, Council Resolutions, School Board Minutes
18. Appointment of David Lahousse-Dutremble, Schaefer, Mayor
19. Appointment of School HR Director-Donoyan
20. School & City IT-Mayor
- End -
March 18, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show
Councilman Garrett Mancieri 
 Part I
Part II
Part III
 - End -
March 13, 2014
Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt
State of the City 
 Part I
Part II
Part III
 - End -
March 7, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show 
Senator Ed O'Neill
Part I 
Part II
Part III
 - End -
March 3, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                    All present 
1. Citizens' Good & Welfare 
a. Jim Cournoyer
b. Richard Fagnant
c. Tonya Curt-Hoard
d. Alithea Forcier
e. Shirley Robinson
f. Charles Souders, Mayor
g. Estelle Bubble
h. Phil Lebrecque
2. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda
3. Reappointment of David Lahousse to Housing Authority
4. Request of Work Session for N. Smithfield, Woon. plan
a. Jalette, Brien, Mayor
b. Gendron, Mayor, Brien, Jalette
5. Board of License Commissioners-Gendron, Murray, Beauchamp
6. Future Election and Charter Change
a. Leno Brunetti
b. Leno Brunetti
c. Jalette
d. Gendron
e. Moreau
7. Council Good & Welfare
a. Mancieri
b. Moreau
c. Murray, Mayor
d. Beauchamp
e. Brien
f. Jalette, Mayor
8. New Ordinances-Gendron
9. New Resolutions
- End -
 February 28, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show
Rep. Stephen Casey
Part I
Part II
- End -
February 24, 2014
Woonsocket Budget Commission Meeting

                                     All Present 
 1. Public Comment
a. Alethea Forcier
b. David Gaulin
c. Roland Richard
 d. Phil Lebrecque
e. Charles Lemoine
f. Kristen McCarthy
g. Pauline Riel
h. Dan Gendron
2. Full Day K Discussion
3. Continuation of Public Comment
i. Estelle Bubble
j. Christopher Roberts
k. Jeff Partington
l. Tonya Curt-Hoard
m. Ed Tucker
4. Approval of Minutes
5. Cash Flow
a. Bruce
b. Brien, Bruce, Dutremble 
c. Dias, Bruce
6. Layoff Notices
a. Dutremble, Donoyan
b. Dias, Donoyan, Gallogly, Dutremble
7. Transferring Funds $100K-Bruce, Brodd, Mayor, Dutremble
8. Police Bonus-Mayor
9. $10K Transfer-School Board Salaries
10. Cancellation of Taxes-Brien
11. Appointments to Redevelopment Agency-
Schaefer, Mayor
12. WWTF Change Order Request
13. School Payout - City Payout
14. School Board Minutes-City Council Minutes
15. City Vacancies Update-Duarte, Dias, Bruce, Dutremble
16. School CIO Update-School HR Update-
Donoyan, Dias, Dutremble
17. Temporary Fire Dispatcher
a. Bruce, Brien, Mayor, Dutremble, Coleman
b. Schaefer, Mayer, Coleman
c. John Burns, Schaefer, Mayor, Dutremble, Dias
d. Brien, Dutremble, Dias, Coleman, Mayor, Schaefer
18. Personnel Director-Bruce, Mayor, Brien, Dias
19. Tax Rates Survey-Schaefer
- End -
February 17, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting 
 1. Citizens Good & Welfare
a. Richard Fagnant 
b. Judy Sullivan
c. Pauline Riel
d. Alethea Forcier
e. Michael Davis
f. Don Turcotte
g. Fred Hartnett
h. John Ward
i. Roland Richard
j. Douglas Clark
k. Phil Lebrecque
l. Tonya Curt-Hoard
 m. Estelle Bubble
2. Take Resolutions Out of Order-Gendron
3. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda
4. Resolution Opposing Full Day K
a. Jalette, Bruce
b. Mayor
c. Gendron
d. Jalette, Mayor
e. Mancieri
f. Brien, Mancieri
g. Gendron - Vote
5. Resolution for Approval of Full Day K
a. Beauchamp, Mayor, Jalette, Moreau
b. Brien
c. Moreau, Gendron
d. Murray, Beauchamp
e. Gendron, Marcello - Vote
6. Licenses 
7. Tag Day
8. Council Good & Welfare
a. Beauchamp
b. Moreau
c. Brien, Bruce
d. Gendron
9. School Board Salaries
10. Transfer of Funds-Jalette, Bruce
11. Use of City Property-Gendron, Jalette
Cancellation of Taxes
12. Support of Bill 2269-Mancieri
13. Appointments of Budnick and Lahousse-Gendron,
Marcello, Mayor, Moreau
14. Support of Bills 7040, 7035, 2018-Mancieri, Beauchamp
- End -
February 14, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show
Senator Marc Cote 
Part I 
Part II
- End -
 February 11, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show
Rep. Patricia Morgan
 Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
February 5, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show
Councilman Daniel Gendron 
 Part I
Part II
Part III
 - End -
 January 31, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show
Representative Brian Newberry
 Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
January 24, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show 
Representative Bob Phillips
Part I
Part II
- End -
January 17, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show
Senator Edward O'Neill 
 Part I
Part II
 - End -
January 8, 2014
School Board Meeting 
                              All present
Note:  Background noise from time to time is not from the recorder but rather from a vent in the school. 
 1. Election of School Board Secretary-
Roberts Rules of Order
2. Public Good & Welfare
a. Kevin K. Coleman School-Heather Neil
b. Alethea Forcier
c. Denise Auclair
d. WHS Seniors
3. Recognitions & Announcements-Donoyan
4. Approval of Minutes
5. Consent Agenda
a. Late Payments-Seale, Spagna, Lacouture, Ackerman, Chattman, Rivera
b. Late Payments-Lacouture
6. Field Trip for Superintendent-Lacouture, Ackerman, Rivera
7. School Board Committees-Lacouture
8. Legal Council
a. Spagna
b. Ackerman, Lacouture, Seale, Donoyan
c. Donoyan, Lacouture, Ackerman, Seale
9. RI'S Fire Safety Decision
a. Sprinklers-Fontaine
 b. One Level Schools-Fontaine, Chattman, Lacouture, Rivera, Pawlina
10. Update on Full Day K-Donoyan, Lacouture
11. Superintendent's Report
a. Building Bridges Workshop-Donoyan
b.  Water at Middle School-Donoyan, Fontaine, Lacouture
c. Water-Chattman
12.  Board Good & Welfare
a. Pawlina
b. Seale
c. Lacouture
d. Rivera
e. Chattman
- End -
 December 18, 2013
School Board Meeting
                                              All Present
 1. School Board Organization, Election of Vice Chairman
2. Public Good & Welfare
a. Harris Elementary School Children
b. Jeff Partington 
c. Donna Coderre
3. Recognitions & Announcements-Donoyan
4. Truck Purchase-Spagna, Lacouture, Donoyan, Chattman
5. Approval Meeting Dates-Presentation by Directors
a. Donoyan 
b. McGee
c. Lerner
d. Spagna
e. Fontaine
f. Filomeno
g. Donoyan
6. Recognitions & Announcements-Approval of Minutes
7. WED Financials-Spagna
8. Superintendent's Report-Donoyan
9. Board Good & Welfare
a. Chattman
b. Pawlina
c. Seale
d. Lacouture
e. Rivera
 - End -
 December 11, 2013
Al Beauparlant
1. About The Woonsocket Rocket 
2. Letter of Resignation 
 - End-
December 3, 2013
Swearing In Mayor Baldelli-Hunt
Swearing In City Council 
 Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt
 - End -
December 2, 2013
Woonsocket City Council Meeting 
 1. Public Good & Welfare
a. Bill Schneck
b. Richard Fagnant
c. Charles Lemoine
d. Roland Michaud
e. Rep. Bob Phillips
f. Shirley Robinson
g. Frank, Bruce
h. Pastor Gonzalez
i. Laura Harmon
2. Seating of New Council Members-Brien
3. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda-Licenses-Tag Day
4. Council Good & Welfare
a. Dan Gendron
b. Roger Jalette
c. Bob Moreau
d. John Ward
e. Chris Beauchamp, Moreau, Gendron
f. Al Brien
g. Marc Dubois
5. Cox-Water & Sewer and Sewage Disposal 
6. John Ward Exit of Meeting
7. Appointing Christina Harmon-Duarte As City Clerk
a. Al Brien
b. Chris Beauchamp
c. Dan Gendron
8. Mayor Leo T. Fontaine
- End -
 November 21, 2013
Woonsocket School Committee
Special Meeting
 1. Approval of November 13, 2013 Open/Closed Minutes
a. Nadeau, Forcier, Donoyan, Roberts
b. Donoyan, Nadeau, Roberts, Forcier
c. Donoyan, Nadeau, Roberts
2. Update of Finances
a. Spagna, Forcier, Roberts
 b. Roberts, Spagna
c. Roberts, Donoyan
d. Donlon, Spagna, Forcier
e. Nadeau, Spagna
- End -
April 22, 2014
WNRI Upfront
Councilman Dan Gendron 
 Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
April 18, 2014
"The Pulse"

Phil Lebrecque 
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
April 16, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Special Meeting

                                         Absent: Roger Jalette 
 Granting Permission to Use City Property
1. Opening-Brien, Charles Lemoine
2. Permission to Use City Property
a. Mathews
b. Gendron, Mathews, Marcello
c. Moreau, Marcello, Mathews, Beauchamp
d. Bernard, Beauchamp
e. Beauchamp, Mathews, Chief Shatraw
f. Mancieri, Murray, Mathews, Shatraw
g. Marcello, Gendron
h. Rebekah Greenwald Speck, Marcello
i. Gendron, Moreau, Brien
j. Beauchamp, Moreau, Brien, Marcello
k. Sean Debobes
l. Vote-Gendron, Marcello, Brien
m. Debobes, Brien, Beauchamp, Mathews
n. Susan, Speck
o. Lemoine, Al Valiere
p. Beauchamp, Moreau
3. Potential Appointee to Zoning Board  
a. Brien, Beauchamp, Murray, Gendron
b. Richard Masse
c. Richard Fagnant
d. Alan Rivers, Fagnant, Brien
e. Brien, Beauchamp, Fagnant
f. Brien, Masse
g. Rivers, Brien, Marcello
h. Gendron, Marcello
i. Moreau
j. Beauchamp
k. Brien
l. Moreau, Marcello, Brien, Mancieri
- End -
April 11, 2014
The Pulse
Host: Phil Lebrecque
Guest:  RI Taxpayers

Larry Girouard
Larry Fitzmorris
Lance Chappell 

Part I 
Part II
Part III
 - End -
April 11, 2014
WNRI Upfront
Rep. Michael Morin 
 Part I
Part II
- End -
April 8, 2014
WNRI Upfront
Council President, Albert Brien 
 Part I
Part II
 Part III
 - End -
April 7, 2014
City Council Work Session

                                                           All Present 
Discussion Regarding War Memorial Defense and Preservation Fund
Discussion Regarding United Veterans Council 
a. Mayor, Richard Lepine 
b. Beauchamp, Lepine, Moreau, Boisvert, Gendron, Mayor
c. Mancieri, Boisvert, Nadeau, Beauchamp
d. Gendron, Lepine, Boisvert
e. Fr. Phil Salois, Tom Poole
f. Marcello, Poole
g. Brien, Mayor, Jeanne Budnick, Gendron, Marcello
h. Corey, Marcello, Jalette
i. Brien, Lepine, Murray, Salois
j. Mayor, Poole, Boisvert, Marcello
 - End -
April 4, 2014
WNRI Upfront
Senator Marc Cote 
Part I 
Part II
- End -
March 26, 2014
School Board Meeting

                                         Absent:  George Lacouture 
1. Close Session Votes-Seale 
2. Public Good & Welfare-Seale, Partington
3. Recognition & Announcements-Donoyan
4. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda-Chattman
5. Approval of 2014-2015 School Calendar-
Pawlina, McGee
6. Inspecting WMS Hot Water Tanks-Seale
7. Update of WED Financials
a. Spagna
b. Chattman, Spagna
c. Seale, Spagna
8. Appointment of HR Director, James Wolfgang
a. Seale, Donoyan, Spagna
b. Donoyan
9. Curriculum Meeting-Seale
10. School Board Good & Welfare
a. Pawlina
b. Seale, Spagna
c. Rivera
d. Chattman
- End -
March 21, 2013
WNRI Upfront Show
Rep. Brian Newberry 
 Part I
Part II
- End -
March 17, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                                Absent: Al Brien 
 1. Public Good & Welfare
a. David Fisher
b. Christopher Roberts
c. Michael Reynolds
d. Phillip Lebrecque
2. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda
a. Gendron, Marcello
b. Beauchamp, Marcello
3. Licenses-Tag Day-Marcello
4. Council Good & Welfare
a. Murray
b. Beauchamp
c. Jalette, Mayor
d. Mancieri
5. Traffic
6. Verizon Wireless Tower Space
a. Gendron, Marcello
b. Murray, Marcello, Jalette
c. Beauchamp, Moreau
d. Gendron, Marcello, Beauchamp
e. Vote
7. Permission To Use City Property-All Council
8. Overtime Cap-Mancieri - Cancellation of Certain Taxes
9. Housing & Development Sub-Committee
a. Gendron
b. Jalette, Marcello
c. Moreau, Mayor, Beauchamp, Murray
d. Moreau, Beauchamp
e. Gendron, Mancieri, Moreau
f. Jalette, Marcello
g. Gendron, Marcello
h. Mayor, Jalette
i. Beauchamp, Gendron
- End -
March 14, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show
Rep. Robert Phillips 
 Part I
Part II
- End -
 March 12, 2014
Woonsocket School Board Meeting

                                            Absent:  George Lacouture
1. Public Good & Welfare 
a. Globe School Presentation
b. Sedexo
c. Rachael Zolinsky
d. David
2. Recognitions & Announcements, Minutes-Donoyan
3. Consent Agenda-Pawlina, Spagna, Donoyan 
4. School Board Reports-Seale
5. FY15 Budget-Pawlina, Spagna
6. Job Description WHS Principal-WACTC Director
a. Rivera, Donoyan, Seale
b. Chattman, Donoyan
7. Superintendent's Report-Donoyan
8. Board Good & Welfare
a. Rivera
b. Pawlina
c. Seale, Donoyan
d. Chattman
- End -
March 4, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show 
Councilman Robert Moreau
Part I
Part II
Part III
 - End -
 February 26, 2014
Woonsocket School Board Meeting
                                  Late:  Jose Rivera
1. Opening - Good & Welfare 
a. WHS Theater Students
b. Lorraine Corey
c. Rachel Zolinsky
d. Jeff Partington
2. Recognitions & Announcements-Donoyan
3. Approval of Minutes
4. Consent Agenda
a. Non-Renewals, Terminations-Lacouture, Donoyan, Ackerman
b. Ackerman, Donoyan, Lacouture, Partington 
5. School Board Report-Finance Committee-Lacouture
6. Administrative Substitute Compensation
7. Hire Temporary Legal Councel
a. Richard Kearns, Lacouture, Seale, Rivera, Pawlina
b. Rivera, Seale, Pawlina, Chattman, Lacouture, Ackerman
8. Copier, Printer Leases-Spagna, Lacouture
9. FY15 Budget Presentation
a. Donoyan, Spagna
b. Lacouture, Pawlina, Spagna, Chattman
c. Lacouture, Pawlina
10. Superintendent's Report-Donoyan
11. Board Good & Welfare
a. Chattman
b. Rivera
c. Pawlina
d1. Lacouture
d2. Lacouture, Donoyan
e. Seale
- End -
 February 21, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show
Rep. Doreen Costa
Part I
Part II
- End -
February 18, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show
Councilwoman Melissa Murray 
Part I 
Part II
Part III
Part IV
 - End -
February 12, 2014
School Cimmittee Meeting 
1. Public Good & Welfare
a. Pothier & Coleman Schools-Children
b. Lisa Lanoue
c. Debra Duquette
d. Melissa Tessier
e. Roxanne Carey
f. Carol Lerner
g. Lynn Beaudry
h. Melissa Bouvier
i. Janet Beaubien
j. Jeff Partington
k. Ed Tupper
l. Chris Roberts
m. Phil Lebrecque
n. Tonya Curt-Hoard
o. Dennis Desaulniers
 2. Recognitions & Announcements-Donoyan
3. Approval of Minutes 
 4. Conference Requests-Seale, Filomeno
5. Non Renewals-Terminations
a. Lacouture, Donoyan, Filomeno, Cattman
b. Ackerman 
6. Discussion & Vote on Full Day K 
a. Dan Chattman, George Lacouture 
b. Soren Seale
c. Dan Chattman
d. Jose Rivera
e. Susan Pawlina
f. George Lacouture - Vote
7. State Assessment Graduation Requirement Waiver Policy and Protocol 
8. Vote to Hire Interim Legal Councel
a. Seale, Ackerman, Donoyan
b. Lacouture, Donoyan, Rivera
9. Administrative Substiture Compensation-Lacouture, Seale, Donoyan, Rivera
10. WED Financials-Chattman, Seale, Spagna
11. FY15 Budget-Spagna, Lacouture
 12. Presentation of NECAP Results
a. McGee, Filomeno, Lacouture
b. Lacouture, Filomeno, Donoyan, McGee
13. Superintendent's Report-Donoyan
14. Board Good & Welfare
a. Lacouture, Donoyan
b. Chattman, Donoyan, Lacouture
c. Rivera, Donoyan
d. Seale
e. Pawlina
15. Superintendent's Contract-Lacouture
- End -
February 10, 2014
Full Day K Presentation
Budget Commission

                                       Absent: Peder Schaefer  
1. Presentation
 a. Superintendent Donoyan
b. Carol Lerner
c. Patrick McGee
d. Jeff Partington
e. McGee
f. Linda Filomeno
g. Joe Spagna
h. Donoyan
2. Budget Commission  
a. Dias, Mayor, Donoyan
b. Brien, Spagna, Dias
c. Brien, Donoyan, Fontaine
d. Mayor, Dutremble, Fontaine, Dias
e. Dutremble, Donoyan
3. Public Comment
a. Phil Lebrecque
b. Charles Lemoine, Mayor
c. Alethia Forcier, Donoyan
d. Rita Turcotte
e. Cindy Stepanion, Fontaine
 f. Ed Tupper, Mayor
g. Roger Jalette, Donoyan, Spagna
h. Chris Beauchamp, Donoyan, Fontaine
i. Kelly Renaud, Donoyan
j. Parent, Donoyan
k. Chris Roberts, Mayor
l. Richard Fagnant
m. Estelle Bubble
n. Dias
o. Pauline Riel
p. Tonya Curt-Hoard
q. Shirley Robinson
r. Dan Gendron, Dutremble
s. Garrett Mancieri
t. Pauline Demers
u. Don Turcotte
- End -
 February 7, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show
Senator Roger Picard
Part I 
Part II
 - End -
February 3, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                          All Present 
1. Citizens Good & Welfare 
a. Tonya Curt-Hoard
b. Derek Hopkins
c. Raymond Riel
d. Charles Lemoine, Mathews, Marcello
2. Approval of Minutes-Gendron, Duarte
3. Consent Agenda-Communications
4. Board of Licenses
a. For Nelson Amparo-Mathews, Beauchamp, Gendron, Marcello
b. Pro's Liquors
c1. Main St. Emporium-Hopkins, Brien, Beauchamp, Mathews
c2. Gendron, Jalette, Marcello, Moreau, Mathews, Brien 
 c3. Mayor, Hopkins
5. Knights of Columbus Tag Day-Gendron
6. Council Good & Welfare
a. Jalette-Trash Bills- Bruce, Mayor
b. Jalette-Street Lights-Mayor
c. Jalette-Water Treatment Plant-Brodd, Marcello
d. Jalette-Contingency Acct.-Bruce
e. Jalette-Water Plant-Mathews, Mayor
f. Mancieri-Pension System-Brien
 g. Moreau-Cumberland Hl Rd-Brodd, Mathews, Mayor
h. Moreau-Investment Board-Bruce
i. Murray-Park Ave Building-Mathews
j. Beauchamp-License Applicant
k. Brien-MLK Remembrance 
7. Transferring Funds-National Grid & Verizon-
School Board Salaries-Gendron, Brien, Marcello
8. Appointments of Seale and Smith-Gendron, Brien, Beauchamp
9.  Authorizing Acceptance of Utilities, N.S.
a. Gendron, Brodd
b. Jalette, Brodd, Marcello, Beauchamp
c. Brien, Brodd
d. Moreau, Brodd, Gendron
e. Mayor - Vote
10. Cancellation of Certain Taxes-Use of City Property-
Increasing Membership of WRA-Mancieri
11. Budget Commission Hiring Process-Moreau
- End -
 January 27, 2014
Woonsocket Budget Commission Meeting
 1. Public Comment-Rita Turcotte
2. Approval of Minutes-Dias
3. Cash Flow-Bruce
4. Purchases-Payments-Bruce, Dutremble, Mayor, Schaefer
5A. Audit Presentation-Ronald Nossek
a. Dias, Nossek
b. Nossek
c. Nossek, Schaefer, Dutremble
d. Nossek
e. Dutremble, Nossek
f. Brien, Nossek, Bruce
g. Brien, Nossek, Bruce
h. Brien, Bruce
i. Mayor, Nossek, Dutremble, Bruce
j. Nossek, Bruce, Dutremble
6. Wastewater Revenue Bonds-Norm Benoit, Mayor
7. Police Cruiser Purchase-Retiree Payout-Police Clothing  Chief Carey, Mayor
 8. Hire Election Clerk-Police Administration Clerk
9. City Vacancies Update-Duarte, Schaefer, Mayor, Dias, Coleman
10. OPEB Presentation-Bruce, Brien, Schaefer, Dias, Coleman
11. LED Lights-Mayor, Brodd, Schaefer
12. Post for 2 Teachers-WBC Related Expenses-Mayor, Schaefer
13. WED Interum Director of Special Ed-Dutremble
- End -
January 22, 2014
WNRI Upfront Show
Councilman Roger Jalette
 Part I
Part II
Part III
 - End -
 January 13, 2014
Woonsocket Budget Commission Meeting
                                       Absent: Dias
1. Public Comment 
a. Phil Labrecque
b. Point of Order-Albert Brien
2. Approval of Minutes-Schaefer
3. Cash Flow Summary
a. Bruce, Brien, Dutremble
b. Mayor, Bruce, Brien
4. Purchases-Brien, Bruce, Mayor, Dutremble, Schaefer, Coleman
5. City Transfer for Emergency Demolition $40K-
Bruce, Mayor
6. 2013 Audit Report
a. Bruce
b. Schaefer, Bruce, Dutremble
7. Waste Water Revenue Bonds-Schaefer, Brien
8. Change in City Wireless Provider-Mayor, Schaefer
9. Fire Clothing Allowance-Chief Walsh
10. City Tax Sale Collection-Bruce, Dutremble, Schaefer
11. Post for City Treasurer-Post for Executive Secretary
12. City Vacancies Update-Duarte, Mayor, Coleman
13. Post for Fire Chief-Schaefer, Mayor
14. Post for Temporary CDL Drivers-Brodd, Dutremble, Mayor
15. Fill Readers Advisor-Library Paraprofessional-Page
16. WED HR Coordinator-HR Director Update-Spagna
17. WED HR Secretary, Special Ed Teacher, Paraprofessionals
18. School Retiree Payouts
19. City Council Resolutions-Minutes-Brien
- End -
January 6, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting 
                                                 All Present
1. Citizens Good & Welfare 
a. Dennis Galipeau
 b. Ed Lee
c. Douglas Brown
d. Althea Forcier
e. Charles Lemoine, Duarte
f. Charles Souders, Brien
g. Jim Cournoyer
h. Roland Michaud, Brien, Mathews
2. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda 
3. Board of Licenses-Gendron, Beauchamp, Moreau, Marcello,
Brien, Jalette
4. Council Good & Welfare
a. Brien
b. Gendron
c. Jalette, Mayor
d. Mancieri, Brodd
e. Moreau
f. Murray
g. Beauchamp
h. Brien, Mathews, Mayor
5. Zoning-Connecting To City Water Works System
6. Appointments, Cancellation of Taxes, Use of City Property
- End - 
City Council Meeting 
                                               All Present
 1. Public Hearing-Zoning, Glenark St.
2. Citizens Good & Welfare
a. Dennis Galipeau
b. D. Cooper
c. Paul Larue
d. Russ Chevalier
e. Vimala Phongsavanh
f. Christopher Roberts
g. Phillip Labrecque
h. Charles Souders
 3. Approval of Minutes - Approval of School Board
a. Beauchamp
b. Gendron, Jalette
c. Moreau, Mancieri
d. Murray, Brien
4. Rules of Order
a. Gendron
b. Jalette, Gendron, Marcello
c. Moreau, Gendron, Brien
5. Accepting Letters of Resignation from
Al Beauparland and Julie Larivee
6. Communications from City Officers
7. Board of License Commissioners
8. Communications and Petitions
9. Council Good & Welfare
a. Beauchamp
b. Brien, Bruce
c. Brien
d. Gendron
e. Jalette
f. Mancieri
g. Moreau
h. Moreau, Bruce, Mayor
i. Murray
10. Ordinance Tabled - New Ordinance-Gendron
11. New Resolutions-Cancellation of Taxes-
Mancieri, Jalette
- End -
December 3, 2013
Woonsocket City Council
Organizational Meeting 
Albert Brien, Council President
Robert Moreau, Council Vice President 
Christina Harmon-Duarte, City Clerk
- End -
November 18, 2013
City Council Meeting

 1. Raymond Bacon Historian Laureate-Gendron, Beauchamp, Dubois, Ward, Moreau, Bacon
2. Citizens Good & Welfare
a. Susan Kirwan
b. Tahjini Gonzalez
c. Phil Labrecque
d. Charles Souders
e. Lorraine Corey
f. Frank (?)
3. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda
4. Licenses
a. 64 Applications-Chief Carey, Ward, Carroll, Dubois, Gendron, Bicki
b. Mason St. Flea Market-Lemoine, Ward, Gendron, Moreau, Wojcik, Beauchamp, Carroll, Jalette, Brien, Bicki
c. Danny's Appliance Service
5. Council Good & Welfare
a. Dubois 
b. Gendron, Mayor
c.Jalette, Carey, Mayor
d. Moreau
e. Ward
f. Beauchamp, Mayor
g. Brien
6. Cox Communication
7. Transfer Funds-Cox-Water, Sewer, Sewage Disposal
8. Cancellation of Taxes
9. Bids for Sale of City Owned Land
a. Jalette, Mayor, Wojcik, Moreau 
b. Gendron, Wojcik, Beauchamp, Dubois, Brien
c. Ward, Wojcik
10. Glenark St.-Gendron, Bicki
11. Ainsely Morriseau-Cantoral-Beauchamp
- End -
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