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In Their Own Words

 Whenever possible, My Woonsocket will post sound bites so you, the taxpayer, can hear it....
In Their Own Words.

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August 26, 2015
Woonsocket School Committee Meeting

                                          - Absent:  Jose Rivera 
1. Public Good & Welfare - Roxanne Carey 
2. Recognitions & Announcements-McGee
Approval of Minutes
3. Non-Union Benefits Poliicy - Lacouture, Seale
4. Non-Union Contracts
a. Seale, Lacouture, Rapport
b. Seale, Lacouture, Rapport, Burke, McGee
c. Burke, Lacouture, Rapport, Seale, McGee, Pawlina
5. Consent Agenda
School Committee Reports-Fontaine, Seale, Pawlina, McGee, Burke
 6. Purchase of WACTC-Burke, Fontaine, Pawlina, Peryea
7. WMS Grading Policy
Substitute Pay Policy
Return Fifth Ave Building to City
8. Night School Program-Burke, Lacouture, McGee, Pawlina
9. Appointment of WMS Principal - McGee, Marc Thompson
10. Appointment of Medical Easy IEP Specialist-Lacouture, Burke, McGee
11. Athletic Supplies, Uniforms, Medical Supplies
12. Superintendent's Report
a. McGee
b. Open Positions - Wolfgang, McGee
13. Committee Good & Welfare
a. Seale, Burke, Pawlina
b. Lacouture
- End -
August 12, 2015
Woonsocket School Committee Meeting

                                           - All Present 
1. Recognitions & Announcements-McGee, Lacouture 
2. Approval of Minutes - Consent Agenda
3. School Committee Reports, Building Committee-McGee, Lacouture, Burke
4. Coastline Employee Assistance Program
a. Wolfgang, Judy Hoffman
b. Seale, Hoffman, Burke, Peryea, Rivera, Lacouture
5. WMS Grading Policy
a. Burke, Rivera
b. Tonya Curt-Hoard, Rivera, Burke, Seale
6. Letter to Reinstate Truancy Court
7. District Improvement Plan
a. McGee
b. Lacouture, McGee, Burke, Rivera
8. Nursing Medical Supplies
9. Appointment of Human Resource Coordinator
a. Lacouture, Wolfgang, McGee, Pawlina, Rivera
b. Wolfgang
10. Superintendent's Report-McGee
11.  Committee Good & Welfare
a. Burke-McGee, Wolfgang, Pawlina
b. Pawlina- Peryea
c. Lacouture-Kim Blais, McGee, Peryea
- End -
August 3, 2015
City Council Meeting

                                         - All Present 
Public Hearing 
 Amendment of Ordinances - Gendron, Mancieri, Murray, Bouley, Moreau
1. Board License - Rick's Bar & Grille
Moreau, Brien, Marcello, Gendron
2. Public Good & Welfare 
a. Chuck O'Neill
b. Brian Newton
c. Sue Kerwan
Power Failure - Missed Speakers
d. Steven Pontbriand
e. Ms. Ivians
f. Estelle Bubble
g. Shirley Robinson, Chamberland, Gendron
h. Dennis Desaulniers
i. Leo Marcoux
 j. Charles Lemoine, Marcello
k. Eugene Jalette
3. Approval of Minutes - Consent Agenda - Murray
4. Board of Licenses - Blake's Tavern
a. Charles Lemoine, City Clerk, Marcello, Brien, Bouley
b. Richard Fagnant, Brien, Bouley
c. Gendron, Mancieri, Beauchamp, Murray, Brien
d. Licenses and Renewals
5. Councilman Gendron Items 
a. Budgets FY2015-Fy2016 - Tax Bills, Chamberland
b. Wastewater IJA's - D'Agostino
c. Sewer Bills - Chamberland
d. Civilian Dispatch - E. Jalette
e. School Superintendent - Mayor
6. Storage of Equipment & Vehicles-D'Agostino, Brien, Moreau, Marcello, Beauchamp 
 7. Council Good & Welfare
a. Beauchamp
b. Brien, D'Agostino, Mayor
c. Beauchamp
d. Mancieri, Chamberland
e. Moreau, Mayor
f. Murray
8. Appropriation Ordinance-Brien, Luba, Chamberland
9. Assessment & Collection of Tax-Moreau, Mayor, Gendron, Chamberland, Marcello, Jalette
10. Transferring Funds-Public Works
Amendment Chapter 2 Administration (Solar Farm)
Gendron, Mancieri, Brien, Mayor
11. Amendment Chapter 17 Traffic-Mancieri, Gendron, 
E. Jalette, Marcello
12. Settlement of Ocean State Power-Brien, Marcello, Mancieri, Gendron
13. Rename River Island Park
Issue Permits for 1 Social Street-Murray, Marcello, Gendron, Brien, Moreau
14. Cancellation of Certain Taxes-Murray
5+5 Tax Abatement Program-Jalette, Bouley
15. Tree Advisory Board-Murray, Moreau, Gendron, Mayor
City Website-Gendron, Mayor, Chamberland, Jalette, Murray
- End -
July 21, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Council President Albert Brien 
Part I 
Part II
Part III
 - End -
July 15, 2015
Woonsocket School Committee Meeting

                                    - All Present 
1. Appointment of Dr McGee, Superintendent of WED 
2. Public Good & Welfare
a. Denise Auclair
b. Lynn Kapiskis
c. Lorraine Corey
3. Recognitions & Announcements-Dr. McGee
Approval of Minutes
Academic Innovations Conference-Lacouture, Filomeno
4. Sodexo Contract Guarantee - E Shalvey
5. Class Size Overages-Peryea, Lacouture
6. a Medicaid-Easy IEP Specialist, Job Description --
b Appointment of Arthur O'Connell, Network Systems Administrator, McGee, Lacouture --
c Appointment of Geofrey Barrow, Technology Specialist -
McGee, Burke, Graham
7. Assistant Superintendent Job Description-Seale, Lacouture, McGee, Burke, Rivera, Wolfgang
8. WMS Grading Policy-Lacouture, Seale, Burke, Boss
9. Part-time Curriculum Director-Lacouture, SEale, McGee, Burke
10. Superintendent's Report - Dr McGee
11. Committee Good & Welfare
a. Pawlina
b. Seale, McGee, Filomeno
c. Rivera
 d. Lacouture, Fontaine, Wolfgang
e. Burke
- End -
July 6, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Meeting 
Public Hearing
                          - Absent: Christopher Beauchamp 
Consolidated Plan Presentation - Darlene Wynne 
                                            - All Present
1. Public Good & Welfare 
a. Richard Fagnant, Bouley, Brien, Gendron
b. Estelle Bubble - Charles Lemoine
c. Fred Hartnett
d. John Ward
e. Phil Lebrecque - Alethia Forcier
2. Approval of Minutes - Consent Agenda, Murray
3. Board of Licenses - Judith Beauchemin, Gendron, Jalette
4. James Cournoyer
5. Councilman Daniel Gendron-Tax Levy, Tax Bills
6. Council President Albert Brien 
a. 15-O-25, 15-O-29 - Budget
b. DPW - D'Agostino
c. Boston Rescue Transport - Marcello
d. RISE Mayoral Academy - Marcello, Bouley
e. Boys and Girls Club - Marcello
City Charter, Council Rules of Order
 7 Council Good & Welfare
 a. Murray - Carey, D'Agostino
b. Beauchamp
c. Jalette - E Jalette, Bouley
d. Mancieri - D'Agostino, Bouley, Marcello
e. Moreau - Carey
 8. Granting Easements-
Borrowing of Funds Between City Fund Accounts
a. Mancieeri, Luba, Brien, Marcello, Beauchamp
b. Mancieri, Marcello, Brien, Gendron
c. Gendron, Marcello, D'Agostino, Brien, Moreau, Beauchamp
d. Jalette, Marcello, Gendron
 9. Comprehensive Plan-
Use of City Property - Gendron, Carey, Murray, Jalette, Rosa Ramirez
10. Consolidated Plan - Annual Action Plan - Mancieri, Bouley
11. Cancellation of Certain Taxes - Murray
Home Repair Program with North Smithfield - Beauchamp, Bouley
12. Settlement of Certain Claims of Ocean State Power - Mancieri, Marcello, Jalette, Brien
- End -
June 25, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Special Meeting

                                   - All Present
 1. Disapproval of Adopted Budget by Fiscal Advisor, Paul Luba, and Office of Municipal Affairs - Brien
2. Authorizing the Borrowing of Funds between City Fund Accounts - Brien, Jalette, Gendron, Mancieri, Beauchamp
- End -
June 15, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                         - Absent:  Moreau 
1. Public Good & Welfare 
a. Tony Gabriel, Gendron
b. Jim Cournoyer
c. Estelle Bubble
d. Carol Frisk
e. Phil Lebrecque
f. Charles Lemoine
2. Approval of Minutes - Consent Agenda-Murray
3. Recognition of Rotary & Mike Dubois-Gendron, Murray, Jalette, Brien, Mancieri
4. Water Treatment Plant DBO-D'Agostino, Cohen
Retention of Labor Councel-Cohen, Gendron, Beauchamp, Brien, Jalette
5. Communications from Mayor
6. Bethany Rowe-Rick's Bar & Grill-Jalette, Marcello, Murray, Beauchamp, Gendron
7. City Council Consideration of Mayoral Disapproval of Budget Items 
a. Line Item 1: Gendron, Beauchamp, Mancieri
b. Gendron
c. Mancieri, Murray, Jalette
d. Beauchamp, Luba
e. Jalette, Luba
f. Gendron, Luba
g. Mayor, Jalette, Marcello - Vote
h. Line Item 2 - Vote, Marcello, Gendron
8. Board of Licenses - Gendron, Mayor 
9. Council Good & Welfare - Gendron, Jalette, Mancieri
10. Salaries of City Officers - Personnel Ordinance
11. Maximum Number of Employees
Connection to Water Works System
Lease to US Rep. Cicilline
Traffic Code of Ordinances
12. Design & Review-Gendron, Bouley
Trucking & Terminals
13. Odor Control - Mancieri, Gendron
14. Use of City Property
Cancellation of Certain Taxes-Murray, Gendron, Brien, Marcello
15. RISE Mayoral Accademy-Beauchamp
 - End -
June 1, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                             - All Present 
 1. Public Good & Welfare
a. John Ward
b. Amy Hodge
c. Leslie Page
d. Shirley Robinson
e. Sheila Turner, Chief Shatraw
f. Charles Lemoine
2. WMS Track Team Presentation-Mayor
3. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda- Murray
4. Board of Licenses
Interstate Towing, Rick's Bar & Grill, Pedlers License
5. Solid Waste Procurement-Moreau, Marcello, Debroisse, Brien, D'Agostino, Gendron
6. Budget
a. Office of Mayor Dues & Subscriptions-Mancieri, Jalette, Mayor
b. Office of Mayor Printing-Mancieri, Mayor
c. Public Safety Director-Mancieri, Gendron, Jalette, Beauchamp, Mayor, Brien, Moreau
d. Department Secretaries-Mancieri, Marcello, Beauchamp, Mayor, Gendron, Moreau
e. City Council-Beauchamp, Gendron
f. City Clerk-Mancieri, Gendron
g. Board of Assessment Review-Mancieri
h. Board of Canvassers-Gendron
 i. Zoning Board-Mancieri, Moreau, Gendron, Mayor
j. Library Director-Mancieri, Page, Gendron, Marcello
k. Planning & Development Director-Mancieri, Gendron, Moreau, Murray, Brien, Mayor 
l. Special Projects Manager-Mancieri, Beauchamp, Mayor
 m. Grant Coordinator-Mancieri, Mayor, Beauchamp, Brien, Gendron, Marcello, Chamberland, Murray
n. Planning Board-Mancieri, Mayor, Gendron, Brien
o. Housing Inspector-Mancieri, Gendron, Bouley, Jalette, Moreau, Murray
p. Finance Director-Gendron
q. Tax Assessor-Mancieri, Gendron, Mayor, Beauchamp, Brien
r. Controller-Mancieri, Chamberland, Mayor, Murray, Moreau, Jalette
s. Treasurer-Mancieri
t. Payroll Clerk-Mancieri, Mayor, Chamberland
u. Personnel Director-Mancieri, Chamberland, Mayor
v. Municipal Court-Mancieri, Beauchamp, Moreau, Mayor
w. Legal Services-Mancieri, Murray, Marcello, Beauchamp, Gendron, Moreau 
x. Police Overtime-Mancieri, Carey, Mayor, Gendron
y. Police Vehicle-Mancieri, Beauchamp, Mayor, Gendron
z. Civilian Personnel-Beauchamp, Chief
aa.  Continue Meeting
bb. Police Retirement Payout-Gendron, Carey, Moreau
cc. Police Chief Salary-Mancieri, E Jalette, Mayor
dd. Prosecution Services-Gendron
ee. Clerk of The Works-Mancieri, Chamberland, Mayor, Beauchamp, Annarumo, Gendron
ff.  Discussion on Adjournment-Mayor, Jalette, Gendron
gg. Special Projects Manager-Moreau, JBouley, Mayor, Gendron
hh. Jalett Left - Highway Construction-Mancieri, D'Agostino, Mayor, Beauchamp
ii. Public Works Director Salary-Gendron, Beauchamp, Mayor
jj. Recess- Gendron
- End of June 1 Meeting -
June 2, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                                  - All Present 
1. Budget 
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
Part IX
Part X
 2. Licenses-Fireworks-Moreau, Gendron, Brien, Marcello, Stephen Ucci, Murray
3. Councilman Gendron Item-Rotary Days
Beauchamp, Murray
4. Council Good & Welfare-Jalette, E Jalette
5. Capital Improvement Program
Easement Boys & Girls Club
Corrective Deed-Gendron, Bouley
6. Connection to Water Works System
Lease Renewal for Cicilline
Traffic Code of Ordinances
Transfer of Funds-Beauchamp, Brien
7. Cancellation of Certain Taxes-Murray, Gendron, Marcello
8. Use of City Property
Odor Control Solutions-Mancieri
 9. Water System FY15-16
Sewer Use Fee FY15-16
Wastewater Treatment Fund FY15-16
10. Work Sessions Discussions 
11. Appropriation for FY15-16-Chamberland, Gendron, Mayor
12. Real Estate, Excise, and Tangible Personal Property Tax FY15-16 - Gendron, Brien, Chamberland
13. Salaries of City Officers-Gendron, Marcello
14. Personnel Ordinance-Gendron
Maximum Number of Employees 
15. Overview-Chamberland, Mayor, D'Agostino, Gendron
- End -
June 2, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Councilman Garrett Mancieri 
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
- End -
 May 22, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Rep. Robert Phillips
Part I
Part II
- End -
May 18, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                             - All Present
 Public Hearing
1. Capital Improvement Program
Regular Meeting
2. Good & Welfare
a. Sue Kurwan
b. Fred Reinhardt
c. Leno Brunetti, Brien
d. Jill Pare, Mayor
e. Phil Lebrecque
f. Richard Fagnant
g. Charles Lemoine
h. Jim Cournoyer
3. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda - Gendron, Brien
4. Communications from Mayor
 5. Capital Improvement Program-Gendron, Siciliano
6. Stadium Theater Traffic Flow Study-Gendron
7. Property to Boys & Girls Club-Beauchamp, Gendron, Marcello, Brien, Bouley, Moreau, Jalette
Easement-Corrective Deed - Bouley
8. Eagle Scout Project-Danny M., Moreau, Beauchamp
Public Hearing
9a. Interstate Towing-David Turcotte, Beauchamp, Moreau, Brien, Marcello, Jalette, Gendron
b. Clothed in Grace-Gendron, Jalette
Regular Meeting 
10. Licenses- Jalette, Brien, Mancieri, Moreau, Beauchamp, Murray, Gendron, Marcello
11. Wastewater IJA's 
12. Council President Brien Items
a. IJA's - D'Agostino
b. Boston Rescue, Transport-Marcello, Shatraw
c. FY2016 Budget - PL3235
d. Animal Control - E. Jalette, Murray
13. Councilman Gendron Items
IJA's - Beauchamp
14. Council Good & Welfare
a. Jalette
b. Mancieri, Carey, Mayor, D'Agostino
c. Moreau, D'Agostino
d. Murray, Carey
e. Beauchamp, Carey
f. Brien, Marcello, Shatraw
15. Blighted Buildings Fund
a. Gendron, Beauchamp Mayor, Moreau
b. Mancieri, Murray, Jalette, Mayor, Chamberland
c. Moreau, Gendron, Mayor, Beauchamp, Brien
16. Ordinances Tabled-Gendron 
17. Resolution, RhodeMap RI-Jalette, Murray, Marcello, Bouley, Gendron
18. Cumberland Hill Rd Repairs-Beauchamp, Gendron, Jalette
19. House Bill H5473 - Murray, Gendron
20. Cancellation of Certain Taxes-Murray, Jalette
21. Signatures to Qualify for Elections-Jalette, Gendron, Marcello
Woonsocket Elections-Jalette, Beauchamp
22. Mutual Aid Agreement-Gendron, Moreau, Carey
23. Purchasing Paver-D'Agostino, Beauchamp, Chamberland
- End -
May 13, 2015
Woonsocket School Committee Meeting

                                     - All Present 
1. Reorganization of School Committee 
2. Public Good & Welfare
Bernon Heights School - Donna Coderre
3. Recognitions & Announcements-McGee
4. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda
5. Non-Union Contracts-Seale, Burke, Lacouture, Pawlina, McGee
6. Non-Union Benefits Policy-Lacouture, McGee, Burke, Pawlina
7. WMS, WHS, Elementary Student Handbooks
Social Media Electronic Community Policy
Code of Professional Responsibility-Ethics Policy
8. WACTC Playground - WHS Teaching Membership Contract with Virtual High School - Peryea, Seale, Burke, McGee, Bouley
9. WED's Health Curriculum Grades 9-12 - Pawlina, McGee
10. Skyward Student Information System Progress-
A. Graham
11. Athletic Director Job Description-Lacouture, Wolfgang, Seale, Pawlina, Burke, McGee
12. Network System Administrator -
Technology Specialist - Peryea, Lacouture, Graham
 13. Transfer of WACTC Ownership-J. Cooper, Lacouture
14. Class Size Overages - Peryea, Lacouture
15. Non-Discrimination Policy - ERATE Project
16. Superintendent's Report-McGee
17. Committee Good & Welfare
a. Seale - Burke
b. Lacouture, Wolfgang
- End -
 May 4, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                                   -Late:  Moreau
1. Good & Welfare 
a. Dennis Desaulniers-D'Agostino, Marcello 
b. Rene Lapierre-D'Agostino, Gendron
c. Charles Lemoine
2. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda-Murray
3. Sale of Property to Boys and Girls Club
a. Gendron, Marcello, Grabowski
b. Jalette, Grabowski, Marcello, Brien
c. Steve Zulawnik, Brien, Beauchamp, Bouley, Grabowski
4. Communications from Mayor
5. Board of Licenses-Gendron, Marcello, Beauchamp
6. Richard Fagnant-Open Government
7. Council President Brien Items
a. Brodd-City Charter-Personnel Code-D'Agostino, Jalette, Gendron, Mayor
b. Fiscal Stability Act
c. IJA's-NBC-Mayor
d. Animal Control-E Jalette, R Jalette, Murray
e. WACTC-School Committee-Mayor, Mancieri
 8. Councilman Gendron Items
a. WWII Veterans Memorial Park-Mayor, D'Agostino, Beauchamp
b. Wastewater IJA's-D'Agostino, Mancieri
c. Water Treatment Plant-Mayor, Beauchamp, Mancieri
d. WATC-School Committee-Mancieri, Brien
9. Council Good & Welfare
a. Beauchamp
b. Jalette-Brien, Mayor, Chamberland
c. Mancieri-Bouley, Mayor
d. Moreau, Marcello
e. Murray
f. Brien
 10. Cumberland Farms Easement-Transfer of Funds-Jalette
11. Buldings & Building Regulations
a. Mancieri, Mjurray, Jalette, Mayor
b. Gendron, Mayor, Brien, Moreau, Chamberland, Marcello
12. Mulvey Project
a. Gendron, Mancieri, Brien, Garlick
b. Moreau, Marcello, Mayor, Gendron, Beauchamp, Brien
13. Use of City Property-Cancellation of Certain Taxes-
Murray, Marcello
14. Napoleon Lajoie Field-Gendron
15. Tax Sales Resolutions-Mancieri, Gendron, Brien
- End -
 April 29, 2015
Woonsocket City Council with
Woonsocket School Committee 
Work Session

                     - Absent: Seale, Beauchamp, Moreau
Discussion to take control/ownership of the
Woonsocket Area Career and Technical Center 
1. George Lacouture 
2. Joel Mathews
3. Lacouture
4. Peter Fontaine
5. Brad Peryea
6. Dr. Patrick McGee
7. Mathews, Lacouture
8. Questions
a. Burke, Fontaine-Jalette, Mathews, Lacouture
b. Mancieri, Fontaine, Mathews, Lacouture-
Pawlina, Peryea
c. Gendron, Peryea-Murray, Mathews
d. Lacouture, Peryea, Mathews
e. Rivera, McGee, Lacouture, Mathews
f. Jalette, Lacouture, Mathews
g. Gendron, Brien, Lacouture
h. Pawlina, Peryea-Mancieri, Fontaine-Murray
 - End -
April 20, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                             - Absent:  Beauchamp, Mancieri 
1. Public Good & Welfare 
a. Dennis Desaulniers, Mayor
b. Charles Lemoine
 c. Russ Archambault
d. Jim Cournoyer
2. Presentation to Douglas Lachance
a. Mayor
b. Murray, Gendron, Brien, Moreau
3. Approval of Minutes - Consent Agenda, Murray
4. Communications from Mayor- Brien
 5. Boys & Girls Club Sales Agreement
a. Moreau, Marcello, Brien, Gendron, Grabowski
b. Mayor, Gendron Brien, Marcello, Grabowski, Murray, Moreau, Bouley
c. Mayor, Jalette, Moreau, Gendron
6. Board of Licenses-Jalette, Gendron, Chief Carey
7. FY14 Audit Presentation-Chamberland, Reznick, Jalette, Brien, Gendron
8. Council President Brien Items
a. Top to Bottom Analysis-Senior Center-
RISE Mayoral Academy
b. WHA - Non Profits-Marcello, Moreau
c. City Prosecutor-Marcello
Pension Bond Fund-Chamberland
CDBG Advisory Committee-Marcello
d. Solid Waste Bulk Pickup-2013 Inaugural Expenses-
Chamberland, Marcello
9. Councilman Gendron Items
a. Wastewater IJA's-Chamberland, Marcello, Brien
b. Public Works Projects
10. Council Good & Welfare
a. Gendron
b. Jalette, Chamberland
c. Moreau, Murray
d. Brien
11. Purchase of Dump Truck - Traffic - Easements-Brien 
12. Capital Improvement Program-Gendron
Cumberland Farms Easement-Gendron, Bouley, Brien
 13. Use of City Property
Re-Appointments to Library Board-Gendron
- End -
April 13, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Work Session

                                        - All Present 
Former Mulvey building and the HOME
Investment Partnership Fund  

1. Al Brien, Joel Mathews
2. Mayor, Jalette, Mathews, Gendron, Moreau, Beauchamp
3. Mathews, Mancieri, Mayor, Joe Garlick, Gendron
4. Moreau, Marcello, Mayor, Gendron, Mathews, Beauchamp, Garlick
5. Murray, Mathews, Mayor, Garlick, Mancieri, Gendron
6. Beauchamp, Mayor, Gendron, Mathews, Brien, Garlick, Mancieri, Marcello
- End -
 April 6, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                     - All Present
 1. Public Good & Welfare
a. Jonathan D'Amico
b. John Burns
c. Jim Cournoyer
2. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda, Murray, Moreau
3. Board of Licenses-Mancieri
4. Five-Year School Capital-Mathews, Gendron, Brien
5. Water Treatment Facility-Beauchamp, Gendron, Murray, Brien, Jalette
6. Army Corp of Engineers-Gendron, Marcello, Brien 
7. Mulvey Economic Development Project
a. Beauchamp, Brien, Joe Garlick, Gendron, Mancieri, Marcello, Moreau
b. Brien, Garlick, Mathews, Jalette, Murray, Gendron, Jalette
c. Beauchamp, Garlick, Moreau, Brien
d. Mayor
e. Brien, Mayor
f. Mathews
 8. Boy Scouts-Gendron, Marc Cotnoir
9. Communication from Mayor
10. Handicap Parking Space-Terese McAlister, E. Jalette, Beauchamp, Moreau, Gendron, D'Agostino
11. Council President Brien Items
a. Analysis of all things Water & Wastewater-D'Agostino
b. Senior Services-Senior Center - Bouley, Marcello, D'Agostino, Gendron
12. Councilman Gendron Items
a. Audited Financial Statements-Chamberland, Marcello
b. Civilian Dispatch-Chief Shatraw, E. Jalette
c. Police & Fire Contracts-Mayor
d. Water Treatment Plant-
Wastewater IJA's-D'Agostino
e. Staffing-Chamberland
13. Council Good & Welfare
a. Brien
b. Jalette, Marcello
c. Mancieri, Chamberland
d. Murray
e. Beauchamp
14. Traffic - Purchase of Dump Truck-Jalette, Chamberland, Gendron, Brien
15. Traffic-Jalette, Chief Carey
16. Easement - Use of City Property -
Cancellation of Certain Taxes
17. Board of Assessment Review Appointment-
Mancieri, Brien
- End -
 April 1, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Woonsocket Fiscal Adviser, Paul Luba
Part I
Part II
- End -
 March 16, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                            - All Present
1. Public Good & Welfare 
a. John Reynolds, Jr.
b. Philip Lebrecque
c. Roland Michaud, Brien
d. Richard Fagnant
2. Property at 46 Hope Street-Beauchamp, Jalette, Marcello, Curtain, Moreau, Gendron, Brien, Bouley
3. Approval of Minutes - Consent Agenda-Murray
4. Board of Licenses-Mancieri
5. Future Elections
a. Leno Brunetti
b. Moreau, Marcello, Brien, Gendron
c. Jalette, Marcello, Brien, Moreau, Beauchamp
6. Economic Development
a. James Cournoyer
b. Marcello, Jalette, Moreau, Gendron
7. Council President Brien Items 
a. Analysis of All Things Water & Wastewater-
Rescue Run - Marcello
b. Communications: Ardent Displays - Bouley
c. RISE Mayoral Academy-Marcello
d. WHA
8. Councilman Gendron Items - Marcello
9. Council Good & Welfare
a. Beauchamp, Marcello
b. Brien, Chief Carey, Marcello
c. Gendron, Marcello
d. Jalette, Chief Carey, Marcello
e. Mancieri, D'Agostino, Chief Carey
f. Moreau
g. Murray, Chief Carey, Brien, Marcello
10. Parks & Recreation-Jalette
11. Traffic - Use of City Property
12. Lighting at Renaud Field - Gendron, Bouley, Chief Shatraw, Jalette, Brien
13. Cancellation of Certain Taxes - Murray
- End -
 March 12, 2015
Woonsocket School Committee
Building (Capital) Committee Meeting
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
- End - 
 March 3, 2015
Woonsocket School Committee
Building (Capital) Sub-Committee Meeting
Joel Mathews, Brad Peryea, Susan Pawlina, Patrick McGee, Peter Fontaine, Garrett Mancieri, Tom Wrona, Cindy Johnston 
Tracey Donnelly & Peter Hess of RGB
Part I
 Part II
Part III
Part IV
- End - 
March 2, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                                 - All Present 
1. Public Good & Welfare 
a. Dennis Desaulniers
b. Jim Cournoyer
2. Approval of Minutes - Consent Agenda - 
Board of Licenses
3. Communications from Mayor
a. Olly's-Girl Scout Cookies-Villa Novans-Tax Amnesty-Snow Removal-Palmer Time Piece
b. WHS Video Presentation
bb. Mayor 
c. Proud Standing Strong Award
4. Council President Brien Items
a. Analysis of All Things Water & Wastewater-Mayor
b. Boston Rescue Run - Cross Connection Request
bb. Beauchamp, D'Agostino, Mayor, Vigianni, Gendron
bbb. Jalette, Vigianni, D'Agostino, Beauchamp
c. L'Affair Labrecque-Bouley
5. Councilman Gendron Items
a. Financial Reports - Police & Fire Contracts-Marcello, Mayor
aa. Moreau, Chief Carey, Brien
aaa. Beauchamp, Gendron, Brien
b. Water Treatment Plant-Beauchamp, Jalette, Brien, Marcello, D'Agostino
6. Council Good & Welfare
a. Beauchamp, Marcello, Brien
b. Murray, D'Agostino
c. Brien, Marcello, Beauchamp
d. Gendron
e. Jalette, D'Agostino, Marcello
f. Mancieri, D'Agostino, Mayor, Bouley, Brien
7. Transferring Funds - Stop Signs-Marcello, Gendron, R Jalette, E Jalette
8. Liquor Licenses on City Property-Gendron, Marcello, Murray, Jalette, Brien
9. Snow Ban Parking-Murray, Gendron, Marcello
10. Cancellation of Certain Taxes-Murray
Hotel Expansion-Mancieri, Jalette, Murray
- End -
August 28, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt 
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
August 27, 2015
Woonsocket Rotary Club
Elsa Dure,
Director of Policy & Expansion of RI Mayoral Academies  
Rosalind Murphy, Headmaster 

Part I 
Part II
Part III
- End - 
 August 14, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt
Part I 
Part II
- End -
August 6, 2015
 Building (Capital) Committee Meeting 
(Reference to Valley Breeze meant for 
1. Intro - Approval of Minutes-Joel Mathews 
2. Enrollment Projections Grades K-8
Utilization of Two Middle Schools
a. Mathews
b. Tom Wrona, Superintendent McGee, Mathews 
c. Wrona, McGee, Mathews
d. Peter Fontaine, Mathews, Wrona
e. Garrett Mancieri, McGee, Mathews, Wrona
3. Woonsocket Career & Tech Center Future Programs
How $3.1M From RIDE Should Be Expended
 a. Mathews, Mancieri, Fontaine, Brad Peryea
b. Mathews, Peryea, Mancieri
c. William Webb, Paul Luba, McGee, Mancieri
d. Wrona, Webb, Fontaine
e. Mathews, Peryea, McGee, Fontaine
4. New Business-Wrona, Mathews, Mancieri, Henderson, McGee, Fontaine
5. Motion to Move to Executive Session
- Mathews, Lorraine Corey, Mancieri, George Lacouture
- End - 
 August 6, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Governor Gina Raimondo
 - End -
August 4, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Councilman Chris Beauchamp 
Part I
Part II
- End -
August 1, 2015
Saturday Soapbox with Larry Poitras
Mayoral Academy 
N.S. Council President, Robert Boucher 
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt
July 31, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
City Solicitor Michael Marcello 
Part I
Part II
- End -
July 22, 2015
Woonsocket Planning Board Special Meeting 

                                  - 3 Present, 2 Unfilled Positions
 1. Q & A With City Solicitor-Open & Public Meeting Law
a. George Sargent, Michael Marcello
b. Kenneth Finlay, Marcello, Eric Cartier, N.David Bouley
c. Finlay, Marcello
d. Finlay, Marcello, Bouley, Sargent, Jen Siciliano
2. Advice & Recommendation-Amend Zoning Ordinance to Include I-1 Under Design Review Overlay District and Change Trucking Terminal Use Under MU-2 and I-1 to Not Permitted
Bouley, Cartier, Finlay, Sargent
3. Advice & Recommendation-Amending the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance to Change Future Land Use & Zone of S.Main St and Providence St (various plats) from 
R-3, Residential Use, to MU-1, Mixed Use Residential-Commercial
a. Bouley, Sargent, Siciliano
b. Finlay, Bouley, Cartier, Siciliano
- End - 
 Supporting Document...
July 20, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Special Meeting 
Board of License Commissioners
                   - Absent:  Beauchamp, Jalette  - Late: Brien 
1. Rick's Bar & Grille 
a. Marcello, Joe Caroll
b. Mancieri, Caroll, E Jalette
c. Murray, Caroll, Gendron, Marcello
d. Moreau, Caroll, Murray, Marcello
e. Murray, Mancieri
f. Gendron, Moreau, Mancieri, Murray, Marcello, Gendron
g. Brien, Murray, Moreau, E Jalette, Mancieri, Gendron
2. Approval of Licenses
                                             - Absent:  Beauchamp
 3. 21-Year Amortization Schedule for Certain MERS Units
a. Brien, Marcello, Chamberland, Jalette
b. Gendron, Chamberland, Marcello
c. Brien, Marcello, Chamberland, Mancieri, Moreau
 4. Transfer Ownership of WACTC
a. Brad Peryea, Moreau, Marcello
b. Mancieri, Peryea, Mayor
c. Gendron, Peryea, Jalette
d. Moreau, Marcello, Murray
e. Brien, Mayor
f. Donald Burke, Moreau
g. Gendron
h. Mancieri, Burke, Moreau
5. Demolish Incenerator-Mayor, Jalette, Murray
6. Police JAG Program-E Jalette, Marcello, Moreau
Executive Session

- End -
July 16, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Dr. Patrick McGee 
 Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
July 10, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Emergency Meeting

                                           - All Present 
 Amendment and/or Revisions To Proposed FY 2016 Budget In Light Of Discussions with Division of Municipal Finance.  Adoption of Emergency Ordinances Regarding The Tax Levy and/or Collection Rate And Other Permissionable Options In Light of Fiscal Emergency and Cash Flow Issues Of The City.  Consideration of Tax Anticipation Notes.
1. Brien, Marcello, Chamberland 
2. Gendron, Beauchamp
3. Mancieri, Luba
4. Moreau, Murray
5. Jalette, Marcello, Murray
6. Gendron, Chamberland, Luba, Mancieri
7. Brien, Marcello, Chamberland
8. Moreau
9. Gendron, Marcello, Chamberland, Murray
10. Brien, Chamberland, Marcello, Moreau
11. Gendron, Beauchamp, Chamberland, Moreau, Brien
- End - 
July 7, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Council Vice President Robert Moreau 
Part I 
Part II
 Part III
- End -
July 3, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt 
 Part I
Part II
- End -
 July 1, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Emergency Meeting

                                          - Absent:  Moreau
 Emergency Ordinance
a. Marcello, Brien, Gendron
b. Beauchamp, Brien, Marcello, Gendron
c. Gendron
d. Marcello, Brien, Gendron, Beauchamp
e. Vote
- End - 
Emergency Ordinance Effective July 1, 2015
View Agenda & Docket...

June 26, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Senator Roger Picard 
Part I 
Part II
Part III
- End -
 June 24, 2015
WNRI's Upfront

1. Councilman Mancieri 
2. Mayor
3. Councilman Gendron
4. Jim Cournoyer
- End -
June 19, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Rep. Patricia Morgan 
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
June 16, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Councilwoman Melissa Murray 
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
June 12, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Senator Marc Cote 
Part I 
Part II
Part III
- End -
June 8, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Work Session
                                       - All Present 
 1. Inter-jurisdictional Agreements- Annarummo, Gendron, Brien, Jalette
2. Odor Control
a. Annarummo
b. Gendron, Annarummo, Beauchamp
c. Adele Banoub
d. Murray, Banoub
e. Mancieri, Banoub, Annarummo
f. Beauchamp, Banoub, Brien, Annarummo, D'Agostino, Mancieri
3. Water Main Design Project
a. D'Agostino, Chuck Adelsberger, Douglas Martin
b. Jalette, Adelsberger, D'Agostino, Beauchamp
4. Cross Connection Control
a. Marcello, Alan Shorr
b. Mancieri, Shorr, Vigianni, Marcello
c. Beauchamp, Vigianni, Brien
d. Gendron, Shorr, Murray, Marcello, Jalett, Beauchamp
e. Jalette, Vigianni, Marcello, D'Agostino, Shorr, Gendron
5. RISE Mayoral Academy-
All Councilmen-Marcello-Jeff Partington
- End-
June 5, 2015
WNRI's John Dionne Show
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt 
Part I
Part II
- End -
June 5, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Senator Roger Picard 
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
May 29, 2015
WNRI's Upfront 
Rep. Brian Newberry
Part I
Part II
- End -
 May 21, 2015
Woonsocket House Authority Meeting

                                      - Absent: Corbeille
 1. Audience Good & Welfare
a. Vincent Ward, Patrick Morganelli
b. Albert Brien
2. Commissioners Good & Welfare
Marc Dubois, David Lahousse, Moranelli, Roger Bouchard
3. Minutes - Bills Paid
4. Report of Executive Director-Morganelli, Charles Baldelli
5. Refinancing Bond-Morganelli, Robert Solomon, Lahousse, Bouchard, Bernadette Rochefort
6. Imputed Asset Income-Morganelli, Rochefort, Bouchard, Sally Anthony
Executive Session 
- End -
May 19, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Councilman Daniel Gendron 
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
May 15, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Senator Ed O'Neill 
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
May 11, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Work Session

                                           - Absent: Murray 
1. Review of Proposed Legislation Regarding Update to
Woonbsocket Elections Timeliine and Procedure
a. Marcello 
b. Jalette, Marcello, Gendron
c. Leno Brunetti, Brien, Marcello
d. Brunetti
e. John Dionne
f. James Allam
g. Moreau, Marcello
h. Jalette, Marcello, Beauchamp
i. Gendron, Marcello
j. Dionne, Marcello, Gendron
k. Moreau, Marcello, Brunetti
l. Moreau, Brien, Marcello
m. Moreau, Marcello, Brien, Gendron
2. Ordinance 15 O 20
Mancieri, Gendron, Beauchamp, Moreau
- End -
 May 4, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Work Session

                                                        -Absent: Moreau
Solid Waste Contract 
 1. D'Agostino, Debroisse
2. Beauchamp, Debroisse, D'Agostino
3. Gendron, Debroisse, Marcello, D'Agostino
4. Jalette, Debroisse, Beauchamp
5. Brien, Marcello, Debroisse
6. Gendron
- End -
May 5, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Councilman Roger Jalette 
 Part I
Part II
 - End -
May 1, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt 
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
April 24, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Rep. Michael Morin 
 Part I
Part II
- End - 
April 21, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Council President Albert Brien 
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
April 17, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Senator Marc Cote 
 Part I
Part II
- End -
April 13, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Special Joint Meeting
with School Committee

                             - Absent: Beauchamp, Lacouture 
1. Five Year Forecast FY16-FY20, Brien, Coleman 
2. Presentation for City
a. Chris Chamberland
b. Gendron, Coleman, Chamberland, Peryea
c. Mancieri, Coleman, Luba, Mayor, Seale, Brien
d. Brien, Coleman, Chamberland, Murray
3. Presentation for Woonsocket Dept of Education
a. Peryea, Gendron, Jalette
b. Peryea, Coleman, Jalette
4. Questions
a. Brien, Coleman, Chamberland
b. Gendron, Chamberland, Marcello, Mayor
c. Moreau, Marcello, Gendron
- End -
April 10, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt 
Part I
Part II
- End -
 April 7, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Councilman Chris Beauchamp
Part I
Part II
- End -
April 3, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Rep. Brian Newberry 
Part I
Part II
- End -
March 26, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Special Meeting

                                       - Absent: Roger Jalette 
 Tax Rates for Non-Profit Agencies
Present:  Seven Hills - Head Start 
1. Beauchamp, Gendron, Mancieri, Moreau, Murray
2. Public Comment - Kim McElholm, Lisa Desplaines, Joe Tosches, Mary Varr, Ann Wood
a. Tosches, Murray, Gendron, Beauchamp, Moreau
b. Varr, Beauchamp, Gendron, Mancieri, Brien
c. Tosches, Gendron, Beauchamp, Brien, Varr
d. Moreau, Tosches, Gendron, Brien, Beauchamp
e. Murray, Mancieri, Moreau, Gendron, Tosches, Beauchamp
3. Vote
Varr, Moreau, Gendron, Mancieri, Beauchamp

- End - 
March 27, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Senator Ed O'Neill 
Part I
Part II
- End -

March 25, 2015
Woonsocket School Committee Meeting

                                - Absent: George Lacouture 
 1. Public Good & Welfare
a. WMS Performance
b. Parent
c. Jeff Partington
d. Nicholas McDowell
2. Recognitions & Announcements-McGee
3. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda
4. School Committee Report-Pawlina
5. 2015-16 District Calendar-
Job Description for Superintendent-Rivera, Wolfgang, Burke
6. Aquarium System-McGee, Burke, Karen Barbosa
7. ELO Presentation-Barbosa, McGee
8. Committee Good & Welfare
a. Pawlina
b. Seale
c. Burke
d. Rivera, Seale, McGee, Rapport
- End -
March 25, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Rep. Robert Phillips 
First 10 minutes not recorded 
Part I 
Part II
- End -
 March 20, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt
Part I
Part II
- End -
March 17, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Council Vice President Robert Moreau 
Part I 
Part II
- End -
March 13, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Rep. Stephen Casey 
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
March 6, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt 
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
 March 3, 2015
WNRI's Upfront
Councilwoman Melissa Murray
Part I
Part II
- End -
March 19, 2015
Final Budget Commission Meeting

                                             - All Present 
1. Public Comment 
a. Lorraine Corey
b. Charles Lemoine
c. Rosemary Booth-Gallogly
d. Richard Fagnant
e. Roland Michaud
f. Paula Dube
g. Chuck O'Neill
h. Bill Simonini
i. James Cournoyer
j. Glen Hebert
k. Michael Platek
l. Dennis Desaulniers
m. Richard ( )
2. Phasing Out Homestead Exemption-Steve Coleman
3. Funding Improvement Plan 
4. Local 951 AFT (Paraprofessionals) Contract
5. Five Year Plan Presentation
a. Dina Dutremble
b. Christine Chamberland
c. Brad Peryea, Dutremble
6. Five Year Plan-Dutremble
a. Steve Coleman
b. Brien, Coleman, Dutremble
c. Dias, Brien, Mayor
7. Disband the Woonsocket Budget Commission
8. Mayoral Academy-Charter School
a. Brien
b. Dias, Dutremble, Mayor
9. Final Commission Comments
Dutremble, Brien, Mayor
 - End -
March 23, 2015
Woonsocket City Council Workshop Meeting 

                                             - All Present
 1. Haven of Grace
a. Susan Mansfield, Murray, Beauchamp, Marcello, Gendron, Jalette
b. Moreau, Brien, Marcello, Gendron, Beauchamp, Jalette
2. Overseer-Brien, Paul Luba
3. Mulvey's Building
a. Mayor
b. Joe Garlick
c. Moreau, Mayor, Garlick, Gendron
d. Brien, Gendron, Mayor, Garlick, Marcello
e. Murray, Garlick,  Moreau, Marcello, Brien, Beauchamp, Jalette
f. Brien, Garlick, Gendron
4.  Community Care Alliance-Ben Lessing, Beauchamp, Gendron, Mancieri
5. Other Non-Profits-Marcello, Brien, Gendron, Beauchamp
6. Homestead Exemption-Mancieri
7. Tax Rates for Non-Profits-Beauchamp, Gendron, Marcello, Moreau, Brien
8. Public Comment
a. Bethany Marsland
b. Al Valliere
c. Ainsley Cantoral
d. Nancy Benoit
e. Phil Lebrecque
f. Lorraine Corey
g. Shane Colliton
- End -
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