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In Their Own Words

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In Their Own Words.

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 c. Robert Egan
December 15, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                     -Absent: Albert Brien 
 1. Woonsocket Downtown Redevelopment Area
a. N. David Bouley
b. Gendron, Bouley, Jalette
 c. Robert Egan
d. Roland Michard, Bouley - Vote
2. Citizzens Good & Welfare
a. James Cournoyer
b. Roland Michaud, Marcello
3. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda-Gendron, Murray
4. Communications from Mayor
Street Signs, Water Treatment Facility, Tax Amnesty, Motor Vehicle Registration

5. Property Damage Claim-Jalette, Gendron, Marcello
6. Board of Licenses
a. Fairmount Liquors-John Castagnaro
b. Blake's Tavern-Dana Astafan, James Casciano, Gendron, Council
c. Licenses and Renewals-Murray, Beauchamp, Jalette, Marcello
7. Albert Brien Items- Mayor
WWII Veterans Memorial Park, Mayoral Academy,
Tax Assessor's Office-Gendron, Moreau
8. Daniel Gendron Items 
a. Monthly Financial Reports & Financial Condition of City
Chamberland, Mayor, Jalette
b. WWII Veterans Memorial State Park-Mayor, Beauchamp, Jalette
c. Water Treatment Plant-Jalette, Mayor
9. Council Good & Welfare
a. Gendron, Jalette, Mayor
b. Moreau, Murray, Beauchamp
10. Code of Ordinances Passed First Time-Marcello, Gendron
11. New Ordinances-Parks & Recreation-Jalette, Marcello, D'Agastino, Moreau, Beauchamp, Mayor
12. New Resolutions
School Capital Building Committee-Community Development Advisory Board, Cancellation of Certain Taxes, Reservoir 3, Housing Authority Refuse Removal
 - End -
December 5, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt 
 Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
 December 2, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Council Vice President Robert Moreau
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
 November 24, 2014
City Council Special Meeting

                                                - All Present
1. WWII Veterans Memorial Park 
Part I
Part II 
Part III
Part IV
Meeting with Woonsocket Representatives
Pertaining To:
2. Budget Commission
Part I
Part II
3. Historic Tax Credits-Distressed Communities
4. Affordable Housing
5. Zoning & Zoning Boards
6. Homestead Exemptions
7. Non Utilization Law
8. School Departments & School Committees
9. Senior Center
10. Legislative Agenda Items
11. Public Good & Welfare
a. Stephen Casey
b. Lorraine Corey
- End -
 November 17, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                          - All Present
 Public Hearing
A. Amend Code of Ordinances-Comprehensive Plan-
Mendon Rd and Park East Drive
1. Bouley, Scott Gibbs, Brien
Hearing Closed
2. Bouley, Mancieri, Gendron, Siciliano
Public Hearing
B. Amend Code of Ordinances-Comprehensive Plan-
Hemond Ave.
1. Bouley, Engineers, Maria Dias, Gendron
Hearing Closed
2. Vote
C. Amend Code of Ordinances-Comprehensive Plan
Diamond Hill Road
End of Public Hearings
1. Citizens Good & Welfare
a. Tammy, Richard Berard, Brien, Mayor
b. Tom Brien, Brien
c. Dennis Desaulniers
d. Floyd Edick, Mayor
e. Scott Gibbs
f. Jeff Partington
g. Jim Cournoyer, Mayor, Gendron
h. Estelle Bubble
2. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda-
Gendron, Murray, Mayor, Marcello, Jalette 
 3. Communication from Mayor
4. Board of Licenses
 5. Jim Cournoyer-IJA's
a. Cournoyer, Mayor, Brien, Chamberland
b. Cournoyer, Marcello, Mayor 
c. PILOT Agreements-Cournoyer, Marcello, Murray, Brien, Mayor, Gendron
6. Leno Brunetti 
a. Senior Services-Brunetti, Marcello
b. Elections-Brunetti, Macello, Brien
7. RISE Mayoral Academy-Beauchamp, Mancieri, Moreau, Mayor, Brien, Marcello 
8. Council President Al Brien Items 
a. IJA's-Brien, Mayor
b. Assessing Division-Brien, Mayor
9. Councilman Dan Gendron Items
a. Monthly Financial Reports-Gendron, Chamberland
b. Dirty Thirty-Gendron, Mayor, Marcello, Mancieri
c. Non Profits Tax Relief-Gendron, Marcello
10. Council Good & Welfare 
a. Beauchamp
b. Brien, Mayor, D'Agostino
c. Jalette
d. Mancieri
 11. Zoning for Restaurants-Gendron, Bouley, Murray, D'Agostino, Brien, Siciliano, Beauchamp
12. Garbage & Trash-Licenses & Permits 
13. Senior Services 2-Year Lease Extension- Gendron
14. Transfer Funds to Senior Services
a. Jalette, Moreau, Gendron, Chamberland, Mayor
b. Beauchamp, Linda Plays, Marcello, Murray, Bouley, Moreau, D'Agostino, Brien, Gendron
15. Cancellation of Certain Taxes-Use of City Property- Murray 
16. Downtown Redevelopment-Bouley
Purchase Copier
17. WWII Veterans Park-Gendron, Mayor, Beauchamp
18. Amend Council Rules of Order
a. Mancieri, Gendron, Beauchamp
b. Moreau, Murray, Jalette, Mancieri, Brien, Marcello
19. Re-Appoint James A. Smith to Library Board
- End -
 November 3, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                             - All Present
 Public Hearing
 A. Amending Comprehensive Plan-Diamond Hill Road
Bouley, Stephen Garofalo, Gendron, Charles Lemoine, Moreau
B. Comprehensive Plan
1. Moreau, Gendron, Bouley
2. Beauchamp, Moreau, Jalette, Murray, Mancieri, Brien, Gendron
Public Hearing
C. Restaurants in Certain Zones-Carl Leduc, Charles Lemoine, Bouley, Raymond Bourget
D. Restaurants In Certain Zones
1. Beauchamp, Moreau, Bouley, Gendron, Mancieri
2. Brien, Murray, Gendron, Bouley
1. Citizens Good & Welfare
a. Carol Gariepy
b. Gerry DeLuca
c. Richard Lepine
d. Alethia Forcier, D'Agostino, Mancieri
e. Estelle Bubble
f. Charles Lemoine
2. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda-
Murray, Gendron, Brien
3. Communication from Mayor
Firefighters Contract-WWII Memorial Park
 4. Board of License Commissioners-
Mancieri, Amy Conners, Marcello, Gendron
5. Councilman Gendron Items
a. Monthly Financial Reports-Financial Condition of City-
Mayor, Marcello
b. WWII Memorial Park-Mayor, Jalette, D'Agostino
c. Water Treatment Plant-D'Agostino, Beauchamp
d. Wastewater Interjurisdictional Agreements-Marcello, Mayor, Beauchamp, Brien
e. PILOT Agreements Given to Social Clubs Without Public Hearing- Marcello
f. Non-Profits Seeking Tax Relief-Marcello, Beauchamp, Jalette
g. Street Lights-Mayor, Jalette
6. Council President Brien Items
a. Assissing Division-Mayor
b. FY2014-FY2015 Budgets-Marcello, Gendron
c. WWII Memorial Park-Mayor
d. RAW-Park East Drive Study-Bouley
e. RISE Mayoral Academy
f. Neighbor Works, Mulvey's-Mayor, Marcello, Mancieri, Gendron, Beauchamp, Moreau
7. Council Good & Welfare
a. Murray
b. Beauchamp
c. Brien, D'Agostino, Marcello, Moreau
d. Gendron
e. Mancieri
8. Accepting Transfer of Plots
9. Amendment of Garbage & Trash Ordinance-Moreau, Gendron, Marcello
10. Licenses & Permits-Transferring Funds-Senior Center
a. Jalette, Gendron
b. Moreau, Jalette, Mayor, Bouley
c. Mayor, Beauchamp, Murray, Jalette, Gendron
11. Fire Chief to Enter Agreement with Dawson Group-
Gendron, Moreau, Chief Shatraw
12. Cancellation of Certain Taxes-Murray
13. Resolution for Patrick McGee as Superintendent-Moreau
- End -
October 28, 2014
Economic Development Press Conference 
 Joel Mathews
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt
October 30, 2014
Economic Development Press Conference 

Mayor Baldelli-Hunt
 - End -
October 22, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Narragansett Town Manager
Pamela T. Nolan 
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
 October 21, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Councilman Roger Jalette
 Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
 October 15, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
West Warwick Town Manager,
Frederick Presley
 Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
October 6, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                               - All Present 
Public Hearing 
Chickens Ordinance 
1. Chickens Ordinance-Beauchamp, Jalette, Murray
2. Public Good & Welfare
a. Phil Lebrecque
b. Mayor's Presentation
c. Michael Highwater, Chief Carey
d. Richard Fagnant
e. Dennis Desaulniers, Brien Beauchamp
f. Jim Cournoyer
g. Roland Michaud, Marcello, Brien
h. Donald Turcotte
i. John Ward
j. Jon Brien
k. Alethia Forcier, Mayor
l. Richard Garriepy, Marcello
m. Jeanne Martin
3. Kevin McKenna-Re-organization, Rules of Order
Gendron, Jalette
4. Amending Rules of Order
a. Mancieri, Beauchamp, Murray
b. Moreau
c. Mancieri, Gendron
d. Jalette, Moreau, Gendron
e. Brien - Vote
5. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda-Appointment of
N. David Bouley- Beauchamp 
6. Board of Licenses
7. Council Good & Welfare
a. Jalette, D'Agostino
b. Murray
c. Beauchamp, D'Agostino, Brien
d. Brien, D'Agostino, Chamberland
e1. Gendron, Mayor, Carey
e2. Gendron, Marcello, Mayor
8. Water Division Cross Connection Control Program-
Murray, Marc JFiggiani, Brien, Beauchamp, Gendron, D'Agostino, Mayor, Bouley, Moreau
9. Comprehensive Plan-Sale of Lot on Veteran's Way-
Bouley, Jalette
10. Cancellation of Certain Taxes-Murray, Beauchamp
Drug Free Policy-Water Main on Circle St-
Brien, Gendron, D'Agostino
11. Water Main on Park East Drive-Gendron, Mayor, Viggiani, Beauchamp
- End -
October 8, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
          Blackstone Town Administrator            Daniel Keyes 
Part I 
Part II
- End -
September 24, 2014
Woonsocket School Committee Meeting

                                                    -All Present  
1. Public Good & Welfare 
a. Dennis Desaulniers
b. Jeff Partington
c. Alethia Forier
d. Estelle Bubble
e. Keith Jalette
f. Roxanne Carey
g. Daniel Guernon
2. Recognitions & Announcements-McGee
3a. Approval of Minutes-Certified Appointments
b. Field Trips Requests-Seale, McGee, Filomena, Chattman
4. School Readiness Policy (Dress Code)-Lacouture, Rapport, Seale, Pawlina, Rivera
5. Chief Information Officer Job Description-Seale, Lacouture, Wolfgang 
6. Legal Councel Retainer Fees-Seale, Lacouture, Rapport
7. WACTC Ten-month Assistant Principal-McGee
8. Seal Minutes of Closed Session-
Superintendent's Report-McGee
9. Committee Good & Welfare-Seale, Lacouture
- End -
September 22, 2014
Woonsocket City Council
Work Session

                                                   - All Present 
Update from Acting Superintendent 
1. Brien, Mancieri, Gendron, Moreau
Discussion Regarding Non-Profit Agencies
2a. Beauchamp
2b. Community Care Alliance-Ben Lessing, Rita Gandhi,
Beauchamp, Moreau
3. Connecting For Children and Families-
Terry Curtin, John Dooley, Beauchamp, Moreau
4a. Seven Hills RI-Joseph Tosches, Moreau, Beauchamp
4b. Gendron, Murray, Beauchamp, Brien
- End -
September 19, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
James Cournoyer 
Part I 
Part II
- End -
 September 17, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Councilman Christopher Beauchamp
 Part I
Part II
- End -
September 8, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Workshop Meeting 

- End - 
September 3, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Raymond Bacon 
Part I 
Part II
Part III
September 5, 2014
Part I
Part II 
Part III
- End -
August 30, 2014
WNRI's Saturday Soapbox with Larry Poitras 
Council President Albert Brien 
Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt
August 26, 2014
WNRI Upfront
Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt 
 Part I
Part II
Part III
 - End -
August 20, 2014
Woonsocket School Committee Special Meeting

                                           - All Present 
 1. Personnel Recommendations
a. Wolfgang, Lacouture
b. Chattman, Wolfgang, Pawlina, McGee
2. Assistant Director of Special Education
3. Substitute Pay Update-Spagna, Seale, Lacouture

- End - 
August 13, 2014
Woonsocket School Committee Meeting 
All Present
1. Public Good & Welfare-Diane Martin, Lacouture 
2. Recognitions & Announcements-DiPrete
Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda
 3. School Committee Reports-Rivera
4. WHS Re-organization
a. Lacouture, DiPrete
b. Pawlina, DiPrete, Lacouture
5. Appointment of WHS/WACTC Principal 
a. DiPrete, Lacouture, Chattman
b. Carnell Henderson
6. Substitute Pay-Lacouture, Seale
7. FDK Report
a. Donna Coderre
b. Chattman, Coderre, Rivera, Seale, Pawlina, Wolfgang, Lacouture
8. WHS Dean of Students Job Description-
WHS Guidance Team Leader Job Description-Pawlina, DiPrete
9. Appointment of WMS 10-Month Assistant Principal-
DiPrete, Pawlina, Tonya Curt-Hoard
10. Food Service Bid Award-
Part Time Athletic Director Job Description-Lacouture,
Pawlina, Chattman, Seale
11. Elementary Administrative Salary Adjustments-Seale, Lacouture
12. Superintendent's Report-DiPrete, McGee
13. School Committee Good & Welfare
a. Lacouture
b. Chattman
c. Pawlina
d. Seale
- End -
 August 4, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                          -Absent: Gendron -Late: Jalette
 1. Public Good & Welfare
a. Lorraine Corey
b. Leno Brunetti
c. Dennis Desaulniers-Brien, Mayor, Chief Shatraw
d. Jason Phaneuf
e. Roland Michaud-Marcello, Brien
f. Ernie Boisvert
g. Charles Lemoine-Mayor, Chief Shatraw
2. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda-Board of Licenses
3. Council Good & Welfare 
a. Brien-Mayor, Chief Carey
b. Jalette-Marcello
c. Mancieri-Mayor, Chief Carey
d. Moreau-Chief Carey, D'Agostino, Mayor
e. Murray
4. Accepting Portion of Lot 23-Easement for Benefit of Gary Fernandes-Brien, Marcello, Jalette
5. Tax Assessment Dispute Settlement-Beauchamp, Moreau, Mancieri, Mayor, Brien
6. Cancellation of Certain Taxes-Brien, Marcello, Jalette
- End -
July 28, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Work Session

                                       - All Present 
Senior Citizens Center Funding 
Michael Marcello, Linda Plays, Linda Paul,
Barbara Waterman, Robert Picard 
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
RI's Future Green Collar Entrepreneurs
Robert Pilkington, Ed. D.
- End -
 July 21, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                                 - All Present
 Public Hearing
 1. Zoning-Chickens
a. Charles Lemoine, Gendron
b. John Monse
c. Alex Kithes
d. Jim Cournoyer, Gendron
e. Roland Michaud, Gendron
f. Scott Thayer - Carol Dubois
2. Redevelopment Areas

3. Public Good & Welfare
a. Robert Picard, Moreau, Plays, Barbara Waterman, Marcello
b. Brien, Marcello, Moreau, Gendron, Beauchamp, Picard
c. James Allam, Jalette, Picard, Plays
d. Richard Fagnant
 e. Michaud, Brien, Bouley
f. Cournoyer
g. Lorraine Provencher - Phil Lebrecque
h. Lemoine, Plays - Dennis Desaulniers, Brien, Marcello
i. Chuck O'Neill
4. Aproval of Minutes-Consent Agenda
5. Board of Licenses-Brookline Check Ashing-Pina, Beauchamp, Jalette, Brien, Marcello
6. Street Athletic Communikty Center-Susan Kirwan
 7. Council Good & Welfare
a. Murray - Beauchamp
b. Brien, Chamberland
c. Gendron, Chamberland, Marcello
d. Moreau
8. Ordinances Passed For First Time
9. Ordinances Tabled Until This Meeting-Murray, Gendron
10. Resolutions Tabled Until This Meeing-Bouley, Brien, Marcello, Jalette
11. Use of City Property-New City Website
Mancieri, Beauchamp, Gendron, Moreau, Murray, Brien
12. Tourism Brochure-Mancieri, Gendron, Murray, Beauchamp
- End -
June 5, 2014
City Council Work Session

                                         - Absent:  Robert Moreau 
 War Memorial Defense & Preservation Fund
1. Jeanne Budnick, Beauchamp, Marcello
2. Jalette, Mayor, Budnick
3. Lorraine Corey, Mayor, Jalette, Brien
4. Budnick, Tom Poole
5. Gendron, Marcello, Mayor
6. Marcello, Poole, Brien
7. Leo Turgeon, Beauchamp
8. Brien, Marcello, Budnick
- End -
 Water Treatment Plant
1a. Brien, Mancieri, Robert Ostaski (CDM) 
b. Mancieri, Ostaski 
2. Gendron, Beauchamp, Ostaski
3. Gendron, Ostaski, Mayor
4. Cournoyer, Ostaski, Brien, Mayor, Gendron
5. Brien, Ostaski, Gendron
6. Mancieri, Cournoyer
7. Mayor, Cournoyer
 8. Cournoyer, Mancieri, Gendron, Mayor, Ostaski
9. Beauchamp
10. Cournoyer
11. Mancieri, Gendron
12. Mayor, Ostaski, Gendron
13. Cournoyer, Mayor
14. D'Agustino, Ostaski, Beauchamp, Mayor, Gendron
15. Jalette, Ostaski, Mayor
16. Brien, Tom Kogut (Div of Public Utilities), Ostaski, Beauchamp, Cournoyer
17. John Burns, Dan Darling, Gendron, Mayor
18. Cournoyer, Mayor
19. Murray, Ostaski, Brien, Marcello
- End -
 December 16, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Councilman Christopher Beauchamp
Part I
Part II
- End -
 December 3, 2014
Woonsocket Budget Commission Meeting

                                    - All Present
 1. Public Hearing- Social Club PILOT's-Marcello, Booth-Gallogly
2. Public Comment
a. Mike Kind
b. Danielle Lima, Roland Cagnon
c. James Cournoyer
d. Mayor, Cournoyer
e. Richard Picard
3. Police Permanent Services Staffing-
Police Safety Telecommunications Clerk- Chief Carey, Mayor, Dias, Dutremble, Coleman 
4. Police Permanent Services-Police Vehicle Purchase-
Carey, Dutremble, Chamberland
5. Prime Healthcare PILOT-Charles Lemoine, Marcello, Dutremble, Mayor, Dias
6. Cash Flow Summary-Chamberland
7. FY14 Year End Presentation
a. Chamberland
b. Coleman
c. Dias, Coleman
d. Resolution-Coleman, Dias, Dutremble, Mayor Brien
e. 2 Years of Surplus-Dutremble, Dias, Mayor
8. Approval of Minutes-Table Paraprofessional CBA-
Table Contract for Assessment of Landmark
9. Appointment of Dr. McGee as Assistant Superintendent-Dutremble
10. Approval of WED Hires
11. Purchase of Copier-Police Agreement-
Temporary Part-Time Attorney
12. City Website RFP-Dutremble, Mancieri, Brien, Coleman, Mayor
13. Ordinances-School Athletic Coaches
 - End -
 December 1, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                                 - All Present
 1. Public Good & Welfare
a. Allen Auclair, Brien, Chamberland, D'Agostino
b. Jeanne Martin, Marcello
c. Charles Lemoine
2. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda-Murray
3. Communication from Mayor
a. Dirty Thirty-Lean on Diamond Hill Property-WWII Veterans Memorial Park MOA-School Capital Improvement Committee-Street Lights-Litter Along Railroad Tracks-Unclaimed Property-New Business
 b. Gendron, Brien, Mayor
4. Board Of License-Marcello, Beauchamp
5. Council President Brien Items
a. RISE Mayoral Academy-Mayor, Gendron, Marcello
b. FY2015 Budget-Chamberland, Gendron,
WWII Veterans Memorial Park
6. James Cournoyer
a. PILOT Agreements for Social Clubs-Brien, Marcello
b. WWII Veterans Memorial Park-Brien, Mancieri
c. Mayor, Gendron, Moreau, Brien
7. Council Good & Welfare
a. Brien, Bouley, Mayor, D'Agostino
b. Gendron, Marcello, Duarte
c. Jalette, D'Agostino, Mayor
d. Mancieri
e. Moreau, E. Jalette, Marcello
f. Murray, Mayor
8. Ordinances Passed First Time-Mancieri
9. New Ordinances
10. Use of City Property-Mancieri
11. Cancellation of Certain Taxes-Directional Signs
12 Amending Rules of Order
a. Mancieri, Beauchamp, Gendron, Murray, Marcello, Jalette
b. Gendron, Duarte, Marcello, Moreau, Murray, Brien
- End -
November 19, 2014
Woonsocket Budget Commission Meeting 

                                            - All Present
 1. Contract for Cass Park Improvements-Bouley
2. Public Comment
a. John Burns
b. Councilman Dan Gendron
3. Cash Flow-Chamberland 
4. Police Uniform Allowance-City Council Minutes
5. School Dept Personnel-Brien, Mayor, Dias, Dutremble
6. School Vacancies-School Minutes-Coleman
7. Fire Collective Bargaining Agreement-Dutremble
8. City Longevity Payouts-Mayor, Dias
9. WED Athletic Supplies, Uniforms, Medical Supplies
 10. Budget Commission Minutes-Dutremble, Coleman, Dias
11. City Vacancies-Coleman, Lane, Dias, Mayor
12. Financing to Install High Efficiency Lighting-Mayor
13. WED & City CIO-Brien, Dias
14. Interim Tax Assessor-Mayor, Brien
15. Carnell Henderson Salary Adjustment
16. Recind Fire Enactment-Mayor
17. Fire Alarm Superintendent-Mayor
18. Davison Ave Landfill Monitoring-D'Agostino
19. Water Treatment Plant Driveway-D'Agostino
20. Assessment Contract for Landmark-Coleman, Brien, Chamberland
21. Technology Consultant Bid-Brien, Dutremble, Dias, Lane
 - End -
November 18, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Councilwoman Melissa Murray 
Part I
Part II
- End -
 November 7, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Mayor Baldelli-Hunt
Part I 
Part II
- End -
November 5, 2014
City Council Work Session
Non-Profit Agencies

                                                  -Absent: Jalette  
 1. Beacon Charter School
 Tom Dickinson, Dr. Skeldon, Brien, Mancieri, Beauchamp, Gendron
2. Head Start Development Association
a. Mary Varr, Nancy Benoit, Gendron, Marcello
b. Moreau, Varr, Brien, Murray, Marcello, Gendron
3. Mount Saint Charles
Brother Robert Croteau, Herve Richer, Moreau, Beauchamp, Gendron, Marcello, Mancieri, Brien
4. Stadium Theater Foundation
a. Cathy Levesque
b. Mancieri, Levesque, Beauchamp, Marcello, Moreau
c. Armand Desmarais, Dan Peloquin, Larry Poitras
d. Mancieri, Levesque, Beauchamp, Gendron, Marcello, Murray, Brien
- End -
November 5, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Councilman Garrett Mancieri 
 Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
October 29, 2014
WNRI Candidates Forum
District 50
Stephen Casey and Richard Fagnant 
Jeff Gamache, Moderator
 Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
October 27, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Special Meeting
Update from School Superintendent

                                           - All Present 
 1. Public Comment-Anita McGuire Forcier
2. Update from Superintendent-Dr. Patrick McGee,
Beauchamp, Moreau, Brien, Gendron
3. Financial Report & Student Census for All Schools-
McGee, Gendron, Baker
4. Sub-Committees-McGee, Pawlina
5. Plan to Lower Absenteeism-McGee, Moreau, Beauchamp
6. Plan to Improve Test Scores-McGee
7. Improve Test Scores & Technology
a. Mancieri, McGee, Gendron  
b. Murray, Beauchamp, Gendron, Baker, McGee
8. Increase Graduation Rates-McGee, Pawlina, Mancieri, Jalette, Moreau
9. Creating Annual Principal Reports-Mancieri, McGee, Beauchamp
10. School Uniform Policy
a. Mancieri, Moreau, Pawlina
b. Gendron, Jalette, Moreau, Forcier, Pawlina
11. FDK Update-McGee, Beauchamp, Gendron
12. School Department Vacancies-McGee, Murray
- End -
October 25, 2014
WNRI's Saturday Soapbox with Larry Poitras 
Council President Albert Brien 
 Part I
Part II
Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt
Part I
Part II
- End -
October 20, 2014
 Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                                         - All Present
Agenda & Docket  
 1. Citizens Good & Welfare
a. Mayor - Mayoral Academy
b. Phil Lebrecque 
c. Bill Simonini
d. Roland Michaud
e. Cindy Stepanion
f. Alethia Forcier
g. Christopher Roberts
h. Tonya Curt-Hoard
i. Jeanne Spyrka
j. Chris Depot
k. Michelle Johnson
l. Estelle Bubble
m. Jeanne Martin, Gendron
n. Richard Dias
o. Maria Dias, Marcello, Brien
p. Walter Barron
q. Susan Kirwan
2. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda-
Use of Crack Filling Machine-
Gendron, Moreau, Marcello, D'Agostino, Beauchamp, Jalette, Brien
3. Withdraw Mayor's Name from RISE Mayoral Academy Application- Beauchamp, Gendron, Brien
4. Board of Licenses Commissioners
5. Councilman Gendron's 10 Items to Address
a. Gendron
b. Monthly Financial Reports & Financial Condition of City
Chamberland, Carey, Shatraw, Beauchamp, Jalette
c. Police & Fire Contracts-Marcello
d. PILOT Agreement to Socil Clubs Without Public Hearings- Marcello
e. Non-Profits Seeking Tax Relief
e1. Mayor, Beauchamp, Marcello, Brien
e2. Jalette, Mayor, Chamberland, Brien, Marcello, Beauchamp
f. Landmark PILOT Agreement-Marcello, Jalette, Mayor
g. Senior Services Lease Agreement-Jalette, Moreau, D'Agostino, Brien
h. Wastewater IJA's-Mayor, Marcello, D'Agostino, Banoub, Brien, Chamberland
i. Water Treatment Plant-D'Agostino, Mayor, Jalette, Beauchamp
j. Street Lights-Mayor, Chamberland
k. Economic Development Diamond Hill Area-Mayor, Jalette, Brien, Bouley
6. Richard Garriepy re Public Safety Matters-
Marcello, Shatraw 
7. Wastewater Treatment Plant High Efficiency Lighting-
Murray, Banoub, Gendron
8. Council Good & Welfare
a. Mancieri, Chamberland
b. Moreau, Chamberland, Marcello 
c. Murray
 d. Beauchamp
e. Brien, Marcello, Shatraw, Chamberland
f. Gendron
9. Ordinances Passed First Time
10. New Ordinances-Bouley
11. New Resolutions-Murray, Mancieri, Bouley
- End -
October 7, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Councilman Daniel Gendron 
Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
October 1, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt 
Part I
Part II
- End -
 September 24, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Mayor Leo T. Fontaine
 Part I
Part II
 - End -
September 17, 2014
Woonsocket Budget Commission Meeting

                                         -Absent: Bernard Lane 
1. Public Comment 
a. Roland Michaud
b. Lorraine Corey
c. John Burns
d. Lynn Kapiskas
e. Christopher Beauchamp
f. Jeff Partington
2. Cash Flow Summary
3. Before & After School Daycare Provider, Dutremble-
Building Materials for Cape Cod Style House
4. RFP WFD Third Party Billing Services-
WFD Retirement Payouts
5. WED Personnel Appointments-
WED Legal Council Retention Option, Coleman-
Approve Job Spec for Purchasing Agent
6. Charter School Discussion-Dias
7. WED Substitute Pay Increase-
WED Assistant Director of Special Ed-Mayor, Dias, Brien, Lacouture
 8. Assistant Principals of WHS & WMS-
IT Job Specs-Dias
9. Approve Resolutions-Brien, Coleman, Mancieri, Dutremble, Mayor
10. Approval of Minutes-
Additional Accounts Payable for Front Loader
11. WPD Dispatch Impact Statement-
Assistant City Solicitor-
Hire Treasurer-
Technical Assistant for Audit Process-Chamberland
- End -
September 15, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                                    - All Present
1. Public Good & Welfare 
a. Shirley Robinson, E. Jalette
b. Jeanne Martin, Chief Carey, Brien
c. Richard Gariepy, Chief Shatraw, Brien 
d. Dave Fortier, Brien, Bouley
e. Charles Lemoine, Chamberland
 2. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda
3. Board of Licenses-Moreau, Jalette, Brien, Gendron, Carey, Beauchamp
4. Water Treatment Plant-James Cournoyer
5. Water Treatment Plant-John Ward
6. Community Action Forum-Carol Wilson-Allen
7. Council Good & Welfare
a. Gendron, Brien
b. Jalette
c. Mancieri, Brien
d. Moreau
e. Murray
f. Brien, Chamberland, Gendron
8. Amending Code of Ordinance-Gendron, Jalette, Bouley, Brien
9. Accepting Lot 260 from BDHDC-Moreau
Water Tower Lease Agreement
10. Amendment of Licenses and Permits
a. Carol Frisk, Mancieri
b. Gendron, Frisk
c. Moreau, Frisk, Murray, Brien, Mancieri
11. Cancellation of Certain Taxes
12. Water Advisory Sub-Committee Appointments-
Murray, Moreau, Gendron, Jalette, Beauchamp, Mancieri, Brien
- End -
September 10, 2014
WNRI's Upfront
Mayor Charles Baldelli 
Part I 
Part II
Part III
- End -
September 2, 2014
Woonsocket City Council Meeting

                                                           - All Present 
1. Veterans Park Project-Jennifer & Christopher Lepine 
2. Citizens Good & Welfare
a. Phil Lebrecque, Mayor
b. Charles Myers
c. Dr. Bedard
d. Jason Marzini
e. David Lay
f. Coral Leduc
g. Robert Pilkington 
h. Roger Singh
i. Jeanne Martin
j. Alexander Kithes
k. Mousa Saeed
l. Diane Guilbert
m. Keith Thibeault
n. Charles Lemoine
o. Debbie Pilon
p. Rita Turcotte
q. Jim Cournoyer 
r. Sandra Saillant
s. Rebekah Greenwald Speck
t. Roland Michaud, Mayor, Bouley, Shatraw
u. Raymond Bourget
v. Roland Michaud
w. Tom Bouckaert, Marcello
3. Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda-Communiications 
4. Board of Licenses-Star Bubble Tea-Vimala Phongsavonh,
Beauchamp, Jalette, Marcello, Gendron, Murray
5. Autumnfest-Bill Schneck
6. Council Good & Welfare
a. Brien, Chamberland, Shatraw, Mayor, Marcello
b. Gendon, Mayor, Jalette, Chamberland, Carey
c. Jalette, Mayor, Marcello
d. Murray
e. Moreau, Marcello, Bouley
 f. Murray
 g. Beauchamp
7. Easement for Gary Fernandes-Chickens
Gendron, Murray, Jalette, Beauchamp, Brien, Marcello
8. Blackstone Valley Housing Development Corp.
Mancieri, Moreau
9. Transfer of Funds-Gendron
Water Tower Lease
10. Permission To Use City Property-Gendron
11. RI Future Green Collar Entrepreneurs Charter School-
Mancieri, Jalettee, Beauchamp, Gendron
12. Disband Budget Commission-Mancieri, Murray, Jalette, Moreau, Mayor, Beauchamp, Brien, Gendron
13. Sell City Property to a College or University-
Mancieri, Murray, Jalette
14.  Cancellation of Certain Taxes-Marcello, Gendron
- End -
September 2, 2014
WNRI's Upfront

Dr. Patrick McGee
Interim Superintendent of Schools 
Part I 
Part II
Part III
- End -
August 27, 2014
Woonsocket School Committee Meeting

                                 - Absent:  Chattman, Rivera 
1. Recognitions & Announcements-Approval of Minutes 
2. Appoint Interim Superintendent of Schools
3. Consent Agenda-School Committee Reports-
Seale, Lacouture
4. Assistant Director of Special Education-
Before and After Daycare Provider-
Building Material for a Cape Cod Style House
5. Increase Substitute Pay-Seale, Pawlina
6. Hire Interim Director of Finance-McGee
7. Post Controller Position-Post Director of Finance Position-
Seale, Lacouture, Wolfgang
8. Appoint Legal Counsel-Seale, Lacouture, Pawlina
9. Athletic Activities Insurance Form-McGee, Seale, Lacouture, Pawlina
10. Committee Good & Welfare
a. Lacouture
b. Seale
c. Pawlina
d. Seale
- End -
August 20, 2014
Woonsocket Budget Commission Meeting

                                              - All Present 
1. Public Comment-Roland Michaud 
2. Cash Flow Summary-Chamberland
3. PILOT Agreements-Mayor, Dutremble, Brien, Dias, Coleman
4. OMNI Settlement-Mayor, Dias, Brien
5. City Budget Transfer-Mayor, Brien, Dutremble, Dias
6. Police Cruiser-Lane, Chief Carey, Chamberland, Mayor
7. Additional Dispatch Equipment-
Dispatch Hiring-Chief Carey
8. Validate-Approve Fire Hiring List-
Fire Clothing Maintenance-Chief Shatraw
9. Approval of Minutes-Fire Inspection Services
10. Hire Legal Council for School Department
a. Mayor, Dutremble, Dias, Brien 
b. Brien, Mayor
11. Ordinance 14.0.36-Food Service Bid-Coleman
12. Approve Acting Superentendent-Dias, Dutremble, Mayor
13. School Business Manager-Mayor, Dias
- End -
August 13, 2014
WNRI Upfront
City Manager Paul Lemont, East Providence 
 Part I
Part II
 - End -
 August 8, 2014
WNRI Upfront
Mayor Charles Lombardi, North Providence
 Part I
Part II
- End -
August 5, 2014
WNRI Upfront
Council VP Robert Moreau 
 Part I
Part II
 - End -
July 30, 2014
WNRI Upfront
Mayor Lindy Peterson, Woonsocket, SD 
Part I 
Part II
Part III 
- End -
July 23, 2014
Woonsocket Budget Commission Meeting

                                                 - All Present 
 Public Comment
a. Charles Lemoine, Mayor
b. Lorraine Corey, Mayor
Part I - Items 2 through 20 
Part II - Items 21 & 22
Part III - Items 23, 30, 31
 Part IV - Items 24, 25, 26
Part V - Item 27 
Part VI - Items 28, 29, 32 
 Supporting Document #28:  Superintendent Search Process
- End -
July 22, 2014
WNRI Upfront
Councilman Roger Jalette 
Part I
Part II
- End -
July16, 2014
Woonsocket School Committee Meeting

                                        -Absent: Pawlina 
 1. Termination of Employee Contract
2. Public Good & Welfare-Lynn Kapiskas, Chris Roberts
3. Recognitions-Approval of Minutes-Consent Agenda
4. School Committee Report-Seale
5. Nursing Medical Supplies-Spagna                            Job Description for Superintendent-Wolfgang Appointment of WHS, WACTC Principal
6. Vote to Rent Guard House-Spagna, Fontaine, Chattman
7. Appointment of Elementary Principals-DiPrete
8. Legal Councel-Selection Process for Superintendent-
Lacouture, Seale
9. Post Athletic Director Position-Lacouture, Chattman, DiPrete
10. Rescind Letters of Recommendation Policy-Seale
Thank You to Kim Blaise-DiPrete 
11.  Committee Good & Welfare
- End -
 July 16, 2014
WNRI Upfront
Mayor Scott Avedisian, Warwick
 Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
July 9, 2014
WNRI Upfront
Mayor James Diossa
Central Falls 
 Part I
Part II
- End -
July 8, 2014
WNRI Upfront
Councilman Daniel Gendron 
 Part I
Part II
Part III
- End -
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