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As It Was

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Aerial Views of Woonsocket

 1905 Glimpse of Woonsocket 1910 View of Social District  Bird's Eye View of Woonsocket 
Court St Bridge from
Court House 
 Center of Woonsocket
from Bridge
View from Sayle St. Bridge 
 1908 Blackstone River
and Fairmount
 View from Bernon Heights
Woonsocket Churches and Their Buildings
 1908 St. Ann Gymnasium 1908 St. Ann Rectory  1908 St. Ann Gymnasium
and Rectory 
St. Ann's Church and Convent   St. Ann's Parochial School Parish Priests 
 St. Ann's Church Foundation  St. Ann's Church
St. Ann's Church
1916 St. Ann's Crew  1900 St. Charles School  St. Charles Church 
1914 Jesus Marie  Convent of Jesus Mary  1943 Globe Congregational
 1917 Precious Blood Church Precious Blood Church
and Rectory 
1945 St. Anthony Church 


 Advent Church, Park Ave. Our Lady of Victory Church  Polish Church and Rectory 
 St. James Episcopal Church St. James Epicopal Church
and Parish House 
1910 New Methodist Church 
 1913 Baptist Church 1907 Sacred Heart College 
 1740 Elder Ballou
Meeting House
 1910 Coble Rock  Coble Rock
 1914 Willow St. School  1915 Grove St. School  1923 Y.W.C.A.
 Central Police Station City Hall and
Harris Library 
City Hall 
 Club Canadien  Club Emabassy  Cold Spring Park
 Cold Spring Park Court House 
 Depot NY NH and H RR Station  Woonsocket Depot 
 Railroad Station Earle Street School  1911 Elder Ballou
Meeting House of 1740 
 Elks Hall and Bijou Theatre Woonsocket Lodge of Elks  High School 
 Woonsocket High School Kendrick Ave. School McCarthy's Store 
Mt. St. Francis  Dormitory of
St. Francis Orphanage 
Mt. St. Francis Chapel 
Odd Fellows Building
Bernon St. 
OLV, Social St.  Police Station 
 Pumping Station  RI Hospital Trust Social St. Pool 
St. James Hotel   St. Vincent DePaul Home
for Orphans
 WFD Station 3
 WFD Station 5 WFD Station 5   Winnesuket Country Club
 Woonsocket Post Office Woonsocket Hospital   YMCA
Streets of Woonsocket
 188 4th Ave. 1905 East School St.  1905 Longley Building 
1905 Social Corner  1906 Court St. Bridge and
Court House 
1907 Prospect St. 
 1908 Hall and Lyon Co. 1909 Main St.   1910 Court St. Bridge
 1910 Hamlet and
Carrington Avenues
1910 Harris Ave.  1910 Main St. 
 1910 Rathbun St.  1910 Social Corner  1912 Depot Square
 1912 Entrance to
Harris Estate
1912 Market Square
looking East 
 1913 Main St from
Clinton St.
1913 Main St.  1914 Main St. and
Monument Square 
200 Park Ave. 
1927 Edward St. Bridge  1940's Main Street  Blackstone St. 
 City Hall and
Harris Institute
Court St. Bridge  Covered Bridge 
Built 1898 
 Depot Square  Desrochers Bros. Engineer's Residence
Pumping Station 
 Flynn Square
Clinton St. Market
 Greene Street Grove Street 
Hamlet Ave. Bridge  Highland St.  Main Street 
 Main Street Main St., Bijou  Market Square from
Arnold St. 
 Monument Square
looking North
Prospect Street  Providence St. 
 Rathbun St. South Main St and
Globe Church 
 Soldier's Monument and
Monument Square
 Soldiers Monument  Spring Street West Park Place 
 1911 Bresnahan
Grocery Delivery
Cherry Brook
NE Coal 
 New England Coal
Joseph L. Gregoire
Meats and Groceries 
Paul Carpenter
Fruit and Produce 
Store Clerks 
Location Unknown
Viewing Stand
Location Unknown 
 1909 Taft Pierce Mills  1910 American Wringer  1910 Blackstone River and
Nourse Mills
 Alice Mill-
Woonsocket Rubber
Alice Mills Rubber Mfg Plant   Alice Rubber Works
 Globe Mill  Hamlet Mills  Lafayette Worsted Mills
Lawton Spinning Co.  Perseverance 
Worsted Mills 
Social Mfg Co Mills 
 Social Mill of Manville Co  Social Mills Social Mfg Co Mills
from Pond 
Woonsocket Machine & Press Co 
Bridges and Water


1907 Blackstone Falls  1908 Globe Bridge
looking up river 
 1911 Bernon Falls
 1911 Little Island
Harris Pond
 1913 New Bernon Bridge
and Dam
 Blackstone River
near Pumping Station
Globe Bridge and
Blackstone River 
Hamlet Bridge and
Blackstone River 
Harris Pond
Woonsocket Junction 
 River Scene at
Cold Spring Park
 View from Sayles St. Bridge  
 Woonsocket Falls and
Sayles St. Bridge
Woonsocket Falls   Winnesuket Canoe
Club House

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